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You are going to crush financial stability and explore more (as long as the Rona isn’t raging) in less than a year. How do I have the audacity to say this? Because how to find financial stability and exploring more is easier than you think. Pinky promise!

If you take the time to plan and put in the effort, in less than a year you could be on the path to financial stability and exploring more. Need more details?

Well, grab your notebook or word doc of choice we are embarking on a digital journey and this boat-of-a-post leaves now!


Did you know the Federal Reserve is concerned about financial stability? I know, I am surprised too. They are concerned about the big money but their definition of financial stability is solid:

Financial stability is about building a financial system that can function in good times and bad, and can absorb all the good and bad things that happen.

Well, thank you Federal Reserve for that and all the other bean-counting you do!

Per the government’s directive, financial stability is developing a financial plan to function with the ups and downs of life that will ensure a minimal amount of stress. I don’t know about you but that sounds delightful. Especially during this awkward time of Coronavirus.


Find fun income. Find something that you actively enjoy and have someone pay you for it. This doesn’t have to be your full-time gig but it is pretty great when it is. Just saying, as an avid member of the Park-Ranger-for-life club!

Getting paid part-time for something you love is also a viable option. If you love animals, what about working at an animal shelter? Love the written word? Have you tried your keyboard at freelancing? Love nature? A park could pay you for your enthusiasm.  

Finding something you love and having someone pay you for it is a very enjoyable way to build financial stability. Who knows, perhaps a passion project will turn into a fulltime, money-making gig? If not, at least you tried and made some money along the way.


I love budgets. It is where my Type A starts singing along like it’s in a musical. Fun Fact: I don’t even like musicals. Budgets are great because they are a detailed plan for your financial entries and exits.

I recommend building your budget muscle because it will guide you for what you want to achieve versus letting your desires dictate where you finances flow. If you need a trainer in this department, I know of one who is on the nerdy side but will be there to guide you through all the tough spots.


Spend less starting now. This may need some clarification, spend less than you earn. In the wide world of expenses, somethings are optional. I know it doesn’t seem like it.

Building financial stability doesn’t have to be about sacrificing sanity but something will have to be “lessened” from your financial burden.

I recommend staring easy. What is something that you could easily cut out of your life? Perhaps one less cup of “fancy” coffee? Maybe reducing the speed on your internet. Perhaps, it’s getting your ice cream free?

Whichever item you have thrown out as a sacrifice, start easy and then build on it as time progresses. Before you know it you’ll be avoiding malls, online stores, and debt like a money-saving champ!


Finally, the fun stuff. Exploring more is the easy side of this financial stability equation. Luckily, exploring can be anything from exploring the local park that you have yet to visit to big explorations of Antarctica.

It’s like a you-choose-the-adventure book but this is better than a book because it’s your life! Once you have your income from fun, a budget, and spending less figured out this is like the adulting reward for all your hard work!

How to find financial stability is all about finding ways to increase your income, save on expenses, and executing a plan.
Ah, the rewards of planning, working, and saving. Now, its time to explore!

Exploration doesn’t have to be super expensive or to exotic lands either. My best memories are of hiking the wilderness and camping in the backcountry of my closest National Forest. Almost every aspect of that was free but the memories were priceless.


Finding financial stability can occur at any age, it took me longer than I would have liked to find it. I am all of average human and I know that if I the average human can find it, you the kind, clearly financially curious human can find it too.

The question is, how are you going to find your financial stability and what is your explore more going to look like?

Keep exploring!

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