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Groceries, food, sustenance. We all need groceries. Yes, it’s a sad fact that we have to spend money on groceries but we can also save a lot too.  

Okay before we get to the easy part, what is your mindset when you go grocery shopping? Is it “I have to but I dont want to”. Or maybe more of “let’s get this over with”. Where every your mindset lay, let’s try a mini makeover. What if you tried to make a game out of how much you can save? I don’t particularly enjoy grocery shopping but when I make it into a game, I find it more enjoyable. Let’s take advantage of small monotonous tasks like this to bring humor and fun into our life. 

Aside from the gaming mindset, here are 5 easy ways I save money with groceries:

One and Done

I shop once a week. You read that right. I shop on Sundays. Grocery shopping takes time, money, restraint, and brain power. I can relinquish that energy once a week. Otherwise I prefer to spend my time doing things that don’t involve spending money. What would you do with extra time and energy not spent in a grocery store?

Lists are Your Friend

I admit it! I love crossing anything off a list. A grocery store list is no exception. I have to meal plan for the week but I use that to my favor. I make large dishes and we eat leftovers for days. 

Outer Limits 

Use the outer limits! I am referring using the outer edges of a grocery store. Fruit, vegetables, dairy, and meat reside on the outside edges of the store. This layout is intentional and a marketing ploy. The path of least resistance is right through the isles which tempt you with things like oreos, ice cream, and tampons. It’s sneaky and effective. I try to stay to the outer edges of the store because it’s those interior aisles that provide all the temptation and require my restraint.  

Store Loyalty is a Thing

Most grocery stores have loyalty programs. Are they tracking what you buy and when you buy it? Yes. However, discounts are common with loyalty apps. For example, in my small town we have Albertson’s and they have an app where they select coupons for you based on what you frequently purchase. I build up rewards for using their program and get cash back. Then I cash out on my grocery bill. It’s an easy way to save as long as you’re not paranoid about big industry tracking your food habits.  

All the Apps

Where would we be without apps? Saving a lot less money! Grocery saving apps are the best too because they are easy to use and take very little effort to get you cash money! 

Grocery saving apps which include ReceiptHog, FetchRewards, Ibotta, Checkout 51, Albertsons, and Shopkick.
Grocery Saving Apps

My favorite grocery reward app is Receipt Hog because almost every purchase I make I earn rewards. There is a fun little slot machine game you can play too. Pro Tip: your receipts earn you entries into the big monthly rewards. Talk about easy money!

FetchRewards is super easy to use because all you have to do is take a picture of your grocery receipt. Then watch the rewards roll into your account. Win! If this sounds like easy money, it is. Speaking of easy money, here is my referral code FE1FE. Referral codes are the best because you get money just for signing up. Use my referral and you gain 2,000 points!   

I have been using the Ibotta app the longest. They give you a list of items and then you choose what you will buy. You select the item you purchased and take a photo of your receipt. My favorite part about Ibotta is that they give you direct cash back versus building up points. If you are interested in shaking that money tree here is my referral code ntpirqw and claim your reward!

If your a simple list kinda person, take a peek at Checkout 51. You scroll through items and select which one you purchased. Then you take a picture of your receipt and cash money is delivered to your account. If you are a saving money kinda person here is a referral link.

Every wonder what it would be like to be a mystery shopper? Shopkick is the app for you! As you roam a store looking for items to purchase, this app has specific items that you scan. Once the bar code is collected you receive points. It’s a great way to save money and increase your health with a few extra steps. If you like saving money here is another win, my referral code: FUN969386 and you get 250 points! 

I will not get rich from this or any other shopping app but I will get an occasional $20 for things I am already doing. Grocery saving win! 

Keep in mind, stores take digital receipts for returns. There have been a few times when I shredded a receipt but then needed it to return something. I use my shopping apps to find a digital copy of the receipt and then the stores honor that return. How great is that?

A counter full of tasty fruits and veggies with a receipt that details various ways that were saved.
Saving money with grocery shopping almost makes shopping fun. Almost.

Small Change Leads to Big Returns

These small adjustments can lead to impressive payoffs. Each one of these tips can help you save money. Isn’t that what we all want? To break the chain of financial scarcity and find financial freedom. To gain more money and spend it on the important things in life? You deserve that. We all do. 

You got this!

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