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Online shopping. One of the modern saving marvels of the 21st century.

It checks all the boxes. It’s convenient. Check! It provides instant gratification. Check! It’s an easy way to find a Zen garden kitty litter box (because its a pandemic and strange things happen during a pandemic). Check! Extra credit: Online shopping is cheaper and safer than shopping in person.

Digital Research

An easy way I save money online is to dive into the world of online research. This sucks up all my time from Netflix bingeing but it’s worth it!

Searching for my desired product and its various prices is a great way to find value for my hard earned buck.

Also, reviews are handy ways of determining if the product is rated well from the plethora of other online sources.

I follow this up with a double tap of searching for coupon codes. I haven’t had a ton of success with coupon codes but it does work occasionally enough for me to keep trying!

Quality over Quantity

Quality over quantity is like saving money over spending money. I prefer to buy something once, pay more up front, and then have the item for a long time, like the-span-of-my-life long.

Buying cheap and having to replace it yearly is definitely not my jam. Usually companies that make quality items support the environment and have ethical labor practices. Just take my money why don’t you?!

Recommended Tools

Credit card rewards, discounted gift cards, reward spewing websites are all various ways I use online tools to save or pay for online shopping.

As with any sharp object, I use extra caution so I don’t cut my finances too deep. Luckily, I have had years of practice and I use many of these recommendations in tandem to maximize my online savings. There was minimal amount of scarring…

Saving Patience 

Patience is a big saver. It also extinguishes the whole instant gratification thing, which is a blow to my ego. But all the money saved is worth it!

Once I have researched my item and found perfection in all its shiny glory, I watch it for a while. I am referring to saving it to my cart and checking on it a few times a month. Occasionally, this will make me question purchasing it in the first place.

This is ideal because it gives me time to decide if I really want the item. If I end up not purchasing it, I save money which is still a win. However, if I still have a burning desire, waiting for a better price will pay dividends.

Ideally, Black Friday is my favorite time of year to shop for online discounts. When the item dips significantly in price, I jump on it like someone said free money, which is basically what it is.

Savings Delivered

Shopping online is fast becoming my typical way to shop, thanks in part to Coronavirus, but even without a pandemic, it saves money, time, and willpower from the more abrasive in-person shopping. In my financial freedom journey, that is worth the savings!

Keep exploring!

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