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If there was ever a time to make self-care a priority it’s during the Covid-19 pandemic. Self-care doesn’t have to break the bank, Corona is doing a pretty good job of that all on its own. Let’s keep it simple and free with self-care ideas during Covid-19.

Before you know it we’ll be complaining about traffic, slow internet, and people who complain. 😬


When times get tough, it’s best to fall back on the basics: air, shelter, water, and food. Each of these survival basics can guide our free self-care ideas and is conveniently set with an order of importance.

Let’s begin with a big breathe in!

Mediation is all about air. Well, it’s about your thoughts but one facet of meditation includes observing breathing patterns to help focus your mind. Thanks to the interweb there are many tutorials and guided mediations conveniently located on YouTube.

I meditate by letting my thoughts drift without interacting with them. This occasionally leads to sleep. Okay, you got me! More than occasionally it ends up being a nap. Its fine, the Dalai Lama falls asleep during meditation too and he says, “Sleep is the best meditation.” Love that guy!


Welp, chances are you are already staying at home a lot more, that is all of free 99. Now that you are on a much more intimate relationship with your shelter, you could take your relationship to the next level and declutter.

Decluttering is advantageous for your mental space and could even generate money if you decide to sell the items you decluttered. Decluttering and generating income, does it get any better?

I love decluttering, probably too much. I love having less to clean, less money spent on storage and maintenance.

If you’re new to the decluttering “process”, start in one room and narrow that down even more to one small area like a shelf in your linen closet. Go through each area little by little. This will ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed. Pro Tip: You will feel reenergized with every accumulated win.

I don’t recommend trying to do it all in one day – pace yourself! If you need some inspiration Marie Kondo is the goddess of decluttering and she will make you feel warm and fuzzy for saying buh-bye to stuff that doesn’t spark joy.


Water is seriously the best and the best for you. Just when you think it doesn’t get any better, it does! Water is cheap and in some cases can be free. Free water is typically untreated water so be sure to purchase a good filter if you choose this unfiltered route.

Since our body is made up of mostly water it makes sense that when we are lacking in water we feel….icky. There are many ways to get your influx of water, such as drinking a glass of water when you wake up, during meals, and carrying around a reusable water bottle to make drinking convenient. Convenience is king.


Self-care during Covid-19 absolutely includes food. Self-care is all about supporting a healthy life which is going to include what you put into your body. Good energy in means good energy out. McDonalds in means questionable energy out. I usually feel like a bloated, uncoordinated walrus after a round at McDonalds.

Since we are getting more acquainted with our home, home-cooked meals are the newest fad plus it’s a big money saver. Whether you’re cooking from scratch or microwave dining, these options are going to be much cheaper than dining out.

At some point, we have to brave the pandemic induced wild and go out in public for groceries. I decrease some of that anxiety by focusing on saving money. Though its tough to get groceries for free, it is easy to get discounted groceries because paying full price is so 2019!   


During times of hardship, we are defined by how we react. I vote we react with love and gratitude towards others and ourselves by using self-care ideas during Covid-19.

If you’re not feeling “the love” and your feeling more aggressive towards the unknown and uncontrollable, try funneling that energy towards aggressively saving. If you’re feeling uncertain and full of doubt, make a plan and use that trepidation to guide you towards a better future with a wiser and more cared for you.

What are some free self-care ideas that you are using to thrive during Covid-19?

Keep exploring!

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