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If there was ever a time to develop a slew of self-care ideas its during COVID-19. Self-care doesn’t have to break the bank, Corona is doing a pretty good job of that all on its own. I prefer to keep it simple and free.

Before you know it, I’ll be back to complaining about traffic, slow internet, and people who complain. 😬

Self-Care 101

When times get tough, I fall back on the basics: air, shelter, water, and food. Each of these survival basics guide my free self-care ideas during Covid.

Mediation is all about air. Well, it’s about my thoughts but one facet of meditation includes observing breathing patterns to focus my mind. Thanks to the interweb, there are many tutorials and guided mediations conveniently located.

I meditate by leaning into the drift. After getting into a comfortable seated position, I close my eyes, and focus my mind on my breath. The cool air that gets sucked into my body, the rise of my chest, and the rush of warmth that leaves my lungs. Like a fast car that can’t be contained, my mind easily pulls away from this. When it does, I don’t try to change or judge what’s happening. I do try to slow down and bring my focus back.

Occasionally. leads to sleep. Wellllll, more than occasionally it ends up a nap. Its fine, the Dalai Lama falls asleep during meditation too and he says, “Sleep is the best meditation.” Love that guy!


Basically, I am on a constant staycation. I have an intimate relationship with my shelter and I used this quality time to take our relationship to a higher level by leveling up decluttering.

Decluttering is important for my mental space and generates money, when I decide to sell the decluttered items.

I love decluttering, probably too much. I love having less! Less to clean, spend on storage, and maintenance.

I started easy and small with one room. I narrowed that down even more to one small area, a shelf in my closet. I would go through each small area slowly, which helped to prevent feeling overwhelmed. After cleaning out each area, I felt energized and soon the wins began to accumulate.

When I needed a kick of motivation I visited with the decluttering goddess, Marie Kondo. She makes gives me warm and fuzzy feelings about saying buh-bye to stuff that doesn’t spark joy. When I need the motivation to be a bit stronger, like a push off a cliff, I watch an episode of Hoarders. It’s a self induced scare tactic that works every time.

Drug of Choice: Water

Since my body is made up of mostly water it makes sense that when I am lacking water I feel….icky. I do little hacks to ensure I get my water fix. I drink a glass of water when I wake up, during my meals, and I carry around a reusable water bottle. Convenience is king, if its handy and cheap chances are I’ll be taking advantage of it!

Fabulous Food

Self-care ideas during Covid include food. Self-care is all about supporting a healthy lifestyle which includes what I put into my body. Good energy in means good energy out. McDonalds in means questionable energy out. I usually feel like a bloated, uncoordinated walrus after a round at McDonalds.

Mr. BuLL and I craft home-cooked meals 99% of the time. Even before the pandemic. It’s a huge money saver and ensures we are getting loads of vegetables and fruits.

At some point, I have to brave the pandemic induced wild and go out for groceries. I decrease some of that anxiety by focusing on saving money. Though its tough to get groceries for free, it is easy to get discounted groceries because paying full price is so 2019!   

*Air* Hug

During times of hardship, I know future generations will define me by how I reacted. I am voting to react with love and gratitude towards others and myself by using self-care.

When I am not feeling “the love” and I am feeling angry and frustrated about the unknown, I try to funnel that energy towards aggressively saving. When I feel uncertain and full of doubt, I start making plans to use that trepidation as a guide towards a better future and, maybe, a nap. Either way, only I can ensure that I am getting the self-care I need and a good way to ensure that is though having a plenty of free self-care ideas.

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