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Have you ever had that annoying feeling that you didn’t have enough time? You know, feeling exasperated that there aren’t enough hours in a day. I know that feeling well especially when it came to “at home stuff”. Well, here we are with a mandatory staycation. Let’s use this time to work on the “other” priorities. This too shall pass and before you know it we’ll be complaining about traffic, our neighbors, and the Kardashians.  

Self-Care: Eye of the Tiger

Do you have food, shelter, and water? If you answered yes to these three questions (and the fact that you’re reading this blog on the internet) you are already doing a great job of surviving. 

I am very grateful that we are able to survive containment so well considering how populations are fairing in third world countries. Hopefully you feel that way too. In case you’re feeling a little salty about that: containment in America versus containment in Somalia. Nuff said!

Since the basics are taken care of, think of all the things you can do! What about catching up on sleep, trying new culinary skills, and perhaps taking care of the at home to-do list? Things like dusting the top of the cabinets, replacing burnt light bulbs, filling out the 2020 Census, or any other item that you have delayed until you have more time. Here you are with more time! Why not take this unexpected time to catch up on those annoying adulting tasks? 

Talk about an ideal time to practice self care! I am not a doctor but I bet if you could talk to your doctor right now they would prescribe self-care. Massive amounts of sleep, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, meditating, and are going to boost your immune system. Fun Fact: there is a significant amount of research that meditation improves depression, post-traumatic stress, hypertension, inflammation, cellular aging, and immune system functioning. This article has more of that gooey goodness on the benefits of meditation.

Saving Like a Champ

You are already saving just by staying at home. Congratulations! Saving has never been so easy!  

Cooking at home is a big money saver. Whether you’re cooking from scratch or microwave dining, these options are going to be much cheaper than dining out. Perhaps when this quarantine clears up you will find making dinner at home was more enjoyable than the cost of eating out. Or if not, at least for this containment period, you will have saved a good chunk of money. 

Oh let me count the ways to save…online! I conveniently made an article about this last week because Shopping Online + Saving Money = Making Cents. At some point you will have to go outside for groceries. Looking at empty shelves brings grocery shopping to a whole new terrifying level of anxiety for me. A way I decrease some of that concern is by saving money. Here is a link to 5 Easy Ways to Save on Groceries because we all need a little more Valium ways to save.  

Ditch the Clutter

Decluttering is also where it’s at for saving money. I love decluttering because it means less stuff to clean, less money spent on storage, and less money I have to spend on maintenance. Why not spend this time going through your closets and taking out what you aren’t wearing anymore? You can save it for donation or sell it online. Decluttering and generating income, does it get any better?

I recommend starting in one room then narrowing that to one small area like a shelf in your linen closet. Go through each area little by little so you don’t feel overwhelmed and are fueled by the little wins. I don’t recommend doing it all in one day – pace yourself! You have many days of quarantine ahead of you! If you need some inspiration Marie Kondo is on Netflix. She is the guru of decluttering and will make you feel warm and fuzzy for saying buh-bye to stuff that doesn’t spark joy. 

(I Daresay) Thrive!

This is a great time to start making future plans. Before this staycation passes, what about using this time to pick up a new skill?

Every year as I get older I make it a mission to pick up a new skill. I am getting older but that doesn’t mean that I have to slough off every year until I keel over. No thank you. Instead of growing older, I am growing smarter and more talented.

I enjoy learning new skills plus these skills have increased my professional marketability and introduced fun hobbies. After doing this for six years, some bonuses are: it’s a great way to meet people, make new friends, and have plenty of things to talk about at social gatherings. I have learned archery, how to ride a motorcycle, knitting, belly dancing, juggling, coding, and this year drawing. Out of all of these skills I’ve only kept a few – archery, juggling, and occasionally belly dancing. I keep what I love and let everything else be a learning experience. 

Drawings of a butterfly, female white-tailed deer, and moose.
Turns out drawing is a lot of fun. However, I have found learning to draw can be frustrating and highly amusing. Thriving at its finest!

I began this journey with a list of activities I was interested in. There are many online sources available like this link which provide ideas and ways to learn new skills. If you have ever used the words, I’ve always wanted to… This a good place to start for your skill list. 

Lets Bring it All in with an *Air* Hug

During times of hardship we are defined by how we react. The best reaction is with love and gratitude towards yourself and others by using self-care. If you’re not feeling “the love” and your feeling more aggressive towards the unknown and uncontrollables, try funneling that energy towards aggressively saving for your future. If you’re feeling uncertain and full of doubt, make a plan and use that trepidation to guide you towards a better future with a wiser and more skilled you. 

A glorious winter scene with doe deer playing in a frozen stream. Enjoying nature is all about saving money and increasing sanity.
It is the harshest time of year for these lovely ladies but yet here they are playing in a creek. If they can do it why not us?

Let our reactions to this challenging event define us as people who not only survived but thrived. How are you going to thrive?

You got this!

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