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Are you ready for a short riddle and my (questionable) wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit!

Combing through your wisdom, what is the answer to this riddle?
Can you answer the witty riddle with your wisdom?

The Public Library!

Libraries are my favorite. The whole library concept is wicked like rebel-with-a-cause wicked aka Harry Potter. It’s a public entity that everyone chips in for AND has access to free information. Libraries are one of the few ways that society tries to provide equal learning opportunities.

In the end, it still isn’t equal. What if you don’t have transportation to the library? Perhaps you don’t have internet access to download a digital book? What if you don’t have an address for a library card? These are just a few ways that equate to imbalanced access but if we can’t solve societies ails, can we really expect a library to?  

Free, Fun, and Fantastic!

Let me count the ways libraries help you to save! One, you can borrow material for free. The only cost is if you don’t return it on time, even then the fines are minimal. A quarter a day is pretty common. When you bounce a check or don’t pay a bill on time, the fine is a lot more painful.

Two, libraries are a mecca for free programs for all ages; everyone is a valued member of a library. Libraries are also collecting pools of available resource information from taxes to government benefits. Libraries do cater to adults but only because we don’t need a chaperone to be there.

Three, many libraries have collections for those interested in genealogy. You can research your family history or perhaps someone unrelated to you but a deceased famous figure. Did Elvis die or did he just go back to his home planet? There is probably a book with that exact title at the library.

All of these resources for free. Well, we pay taxes for it but the value is worth it. Even if you never step foot in a library think of it as a donation to your local community. If everyone has access to information and ways to self-improve the chances of their happiness increases.

Gettin’ Your Green On!

Libraries also support the environment since borrowing a book is way better than buying a book. You save money and the landfill of books formerly known as trees. Support the planet by supporting your local library.

Digitally Exposed

Though the library is physically closed many books are available online. Typically libraries use software called Overdrive. There is the initial set up of downloading software, inputting your information, but then your efforts are rewarded with digital eBooks available at your fingertips. In addition, libraries have a database of resources for homework help, suggested reading books for kids and adults, as well as audiobooks. It’s like they are throwing digital goodies at us!

Let’s use this local community hub to invest in ourselves and help others to invest in themselves too. Don’t you want to live in a community of happier and wiser citizens?

You got this!

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