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I have trust issues, especially with apps. Putting a possible virus on my smartphone is anxiety inducing. Every time I download a new money saving app my heart speeds up like I am about to go live on TV and I’m not wearing pants. This may be why plants and a husband is what typically populates my life. Just an idea.

It took years, but I finally found money making apps that are worthy of my trust. Grab your smartphone were about to check out the app store!


I am currently in the honeymoon phase of loving grocery reward apps. Most of this warm squishy feeling comes from being rewarded for one of the few things I shop for weekly: groceries.

First step: shop for groceries, white gold formerly known as toilet paper, and copious amounts of hand soap. Step two: capture receipt. Step three: obsess over rewards accumulating. Final step: celebrate savings by rolling over money into a savings account!

There are two types of shopping apps: specific and general. Some shopping apps want to capture specific items like Ibotta and Checkout 51. They have a list of items they want you to purchase and you have to prove your purchase before you’re rewarded.

The general shopping apps, Fetch and Receipt Hog, just want your receipt and give you rewards based on what you bought. Both have their own merits: Ibotta and Checkout 51 pay better but you have to invest in name brands. Whereas, Receipt Hog and Fetch rewards are smaller but rewards accumulate faster.

If you are new to this money-saving app hustle, I suggest starting with a general shopping app like Fetch. Since the required effort is minimal. Once you feel comfortable with those apps, then try the more time-consuming options like Checkout 51.

Your Receipt = Your Reward

I have zero qualms about sharing my receipts for rewards. If you get anxiety from big businesses tracking your purchases, this is probably not a healthy choice for you. Just some friendly advice from your non-conspiracy-theory friend.

That disclaimer aside, Ibotta and Checkout 51 are trying to influence you to purchase certain products because they make a profit when you do. To combat this subliminal messaging, I purchase first and then look to see if it’s on the app. This way I won’t be tempted or influenced by their subtle, yet effective, marketing schemes.

Mobile for Life

All these apps can be downloaded onto any type of smartphone. Pro Tip: put all your shopping apps in a folder to keep your phone smart and organized. My routine is to shop, put away groceries, then start going through my shopping rewards folder.

This sounds like a lot of work for passive income but it takes me about five minutes from start to finish. I have been using these apps for years and they haven’t turned transformed into crazy spam. Yet.

This is just one small facet to the many ways I generate passive income. What are your hacks to generating passive income?

Keep exploring!

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