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Are you ready for a short riddle and my (questionable) wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on declutter, space, and intention and you’ll solve it!

I am the goddess of declutter

And make some so uncomfortable they stutter

I am here to give you more space

Because everything has its very own place

I will provide your life with more intention

But for some I may demand an intervention

What am I?


Declutter All the Things

I love decluttering! That may seem like a rather bold statement but it is 100% true. I love decluttering because it means less; less to clean, repair, and provide space for. When I started decluttering, it was very overwhelming with all the questions coming at me: Where do I start? What if I give away something I need? What about all the money I invested in that thing? Initially, I preferred to spend my time binging on Hoarders versus dealing with my own live version of Hoarders.

A book that lead me down the yellow brick path to decluttering was Marie Kondo’s, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Don’t look at me like that, I didn’t pick the title! However, can you say no to that title? It states there is magic to tidying up! This book was the motivational kick I needed to live a life of more; more time to travel, enjoy hobbies, and explore new places by getting rid of cleaning, wasting money, and stressing over stuff.

Inner & Outer Space

My decluttering saga started with the easy stuff, clothes. I got them all in one pile and was quickly astonished at my new found clothing issue. To solve this problem, I kept only what I wore consistently or loved to wear. Everything else went to Goodwill. Then I used the same process with home décor and proclaimed myself a ruthless discarder. If the item didn’t make me smile, away it went to someone else’s home. I continued this process for all the various categories of home goods.

I saved books and pictures for last. These are the hardest to release. But I did whittle my collection down to a dozen. Now, when I want to read a book I don’t look at my collection, I go to the library and read from theirs.

My last decluttering piece is digital pictures. I take hundreds of pictures of mostly scenic things and occasionally not-so-scenic things. Do you want to guess how many times I have looked at these photos? The answer rhymes with hero….aka its zero. This is my piece de resistance of my decluttering saga. The finale is culling years’ worth of digital photos to free up memory space in my computer and my head.

Do I regret or miss any of the items I tossed? All. Of. No.

Go Forth & Live with Intention

It took me years of money and time to collect books, décor, and other useless junk. Now, I am spending my resources releasing these same items. Does that feel tragic? Yes! Tragic that I wasted my life on things that I don’t care about. My priorities have changed: I want to be a curator of my life list, not a curator of stuff. I want to live for my loved ones not my bought things. I need to explore beautiful places not shopping stores.

But that is how I feel, how do you feel about decluttering to live with more intention?

You got this!

2 thoughts on “Wit & Wisdom Wednesday: Declutter, Space, & Intention

  1. Upon reading the first line I first thought, I know this – it’s MARIE KONDO lol the Goddess of declutter!!! She needs to have a throne in the Pantheon of the Gods in Olympus! If she will be allowed to declutter the whole world including our government, we might find ourselves in a better place.

    She should sit one by one with our politicians in front of all the citizens and she should ask the public – “Does this person brings you joy?” And the public will say, “Naaaah, next!”

    Haha j/k Enjoy the rest of your day and always stay safe!

    1. That’s hilarious! And 100% true! Thank you for the visit, wishes, and humor! Stay safe and have a fabulous day too!

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