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Are you ready for a short riddle and my (questionable) wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on exercise, active, and sweat, then you’ll solve it!

I am identified as an exercise

But if you partake you will win the intrinsic prize

It doesn’t matter when you decide to be active

I will leave you feeling more attractive

There is a chance I will make you sweat

Having me in your life is conducive to a healthy mindset

What am I?


Exercise Fits Every Size

Of all the exercises available, walking has to be the easiest because we do it a lot. Need to get groceries? How will you get there? By walking! Want to use the bathroom? How are you going to accomplish that feat, by crawling? I hope not! Want to get ice cream from the ice cream truck? You will have to walk, running after ice cream is always an option, after that slow-moving treat shop.

Active for Life

There are various ways to incorporate more of this low impact exercise into your life. A trainer’s advice is to park at the back of the parking lot. Pro tip: there is always parking in the back and when you park first you can park better than those people who pretend they can’t see the white solid lines. You know, the lines you had to follow to get to the parking lot. I’m not bitter about it! When our social distancing requirements start relaxing, try a walking visit or if you’re really brave suggest walking meetings. Even if you can only add five minutes of “extra” walking in your day, I say, go for it!

Sweat aka Glisten

Perhaps you’re a Type A kind of person and need external motivation to get in on this extra walking. I hear you, BuLL Crew! I use an app called Sweatcoin. This app pays you to walk. Now before you get too excited, it pays you in Sweatcoins. Can you cash it in for real items? Yes but the options vary and you have to build up a lot of Sweatcoins. Still, this is an app that is paying you to be fit which is all the motivation this Type A girl needs!

Mr. BuLL and I typically do mini competitions to see who gets the most Sweatcoin in a day. This is another way to add accountability and sassy fun into being active. Do I have a referral code for the BuLL Crew? Of course! What am I, new? Okay, maybe but here is a referral link. May your Sweatcoins be abundant!

In the end, we can all strive to increase our fitness and we can start with five minutes of walking. Little wins lead to big success. Those extra minutes today could end up as a 10-mile hiking trip or a marathon. It all starts with just adding a little bit extra of walking into your day.

How are you going to increase your walking today?

You got this!

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