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Job loss, bare shelves, Coronavirus, and Tiger King. Our reality is pretty depressing. Modern times are translating into tough times. Let’s change the channel, better yet, turn off the TV and start doing something about it. Let our anthem be the Eye of the Tiger and we’ll use that motivation to lean into building up our savings.

Grab the hair spray and cue the loud 1980s music….

Grab a Tourniquet, Stat!

Apply pressure and elevate the wound by reviewing your budget. Pretend you are looking at someone else’s budget, to take any guilt out of this financial endeavor. What would you recommend “your friend” to start cutting back in? Subscriptions are a common money suck, perhaps you can suspend them or go big and cancel them. Is your insurance company giving discounts because you are driving less? Perhaps you can increase your grocery savings through some nifty hacks. Look through each line item and see if there is anything you can do to change that dollar amount to zero.

Canceled Cash

Coronavirus hit us in the collective goods! All the carefully laid plans for summer vacations are canceled. I know how you feel, my Space Camp was canceled. Thirty years of delaying and it gets delayed, again! A way to offset the pain is to send that no-longer-fun money to the bank. I discourage you from taking a credit (if that’s an option – glaring at you nonrefundable plane ticket to Alabama!) because money in your savings account can generate passive income in the form of interest. Perhaps this pandemic has made you change your mind about this canceled opportunity and you prefer an extra financial cushion over an extra experience.

Taking Tax Refunds

If you have received your tax refund, now is a great time to save it! Mr. BuLL and I are not too keen on giving the government a tax-free loan of our money, so we try to get our refund close to zero. However, if you are still working on building your savings, many people use their refund as a default to save money. Just one of the many ways to hack your taxes like a champ!

Hustle Time

There are places hiring which means part or fulltime employment is an option. If you are young and spry, essential places like grocery stores and big box stores are unable to keep up with current demand. Plus, it’s not like you have to work these positions indefinitely just until things recover for your finances.

At the other end of the spectrum, COVID-19 has now dated many in-person jobs to 2019. Here are a few online options for freelancing out your services:

  • Upwork
  • Feverr
  • Freelancer

Freelancing is a great way to bolster your resume, expand your network, and increase your savings account. I use my digital platform as a way to showcase my freelancing capabilities.

Lean into Your Health

Want to save on your health care? Get healthy. Need more details? Sure, but you aren’t going to like them. Ensure you’re sleeping at least eight hours, drink a lot of water, eat various colored fruits and vegetables, exercise, and meditate. A way to stay out of the hospital is to stay healthy. Being at your healthiest during a pandemic is in your best interest. Where is that catchy health slogan?

App Attack

Let me count the array of money saving apps. There are many apps out there that will pay you for your receipt. If it seems like easy money, it is.

An app that I have been using a lot lately is Checkout 51. It has a decent payout amount for groceries and gas rewards. I have a referral code with a $5 reward when you download your first receipt. Time to make it rain!

Lean & Prosper

Money. It’s a big deal, now more than ever. Do we have to get creative with how to save money? Yes. Will we ever be able to go into a store and buy from a fully stocked shelf? I hope so. Until then let us channel our angst into what we can control, our finances.

How do you plan to get financially lean during COVID-19?

Keep exploring!

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