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Job loss, bare shelves, Coronavirus, and Tiger King. Reality is pretty depressing. Modern times are translating into tough times. I decided to change the channel, better yet, turn off the TV and start doing something about it.

My anthem will be the Eye of the Tiger and I’ll use that motivation to lean into building up a savings account.

Grab A Tourniquet, Stat!

I applied pressure and elevated the wound by reviewing my budget. I pretended I was looking at someone else’s budget, to take any guilt out of this. What would I recommend “my friend” to start cutting back in?

Subscriptions are a common money suck, I thought about suspending them. Instead, I went big and canceled. My insurance company gave a discount because I’m driving less. I increased my grocery savings through some nifty hacks.

I looked through each line item and see if there is anything I could do to change the dollar amount to zero.

Canceled Cash

Coronavirus hit in the collective goods!

All the carefully laid plans for summer vacations are canceled. Space Camp was canceled. Thirty years of delaying and it gets delayed, again!

I offset this by sending this no-longer-fun money to the bank. I wasn’t interested in a credit because money in my savings account can generate passive income in the form of interest. But I had no choice with the nonrefundable plane ticket to Alabama, a credit is better than nothing.

Taking Tax Refunds

Mr. BuLL and I are not too keen being a tax-free loan for the government instead we try to get our refund close to zero. Even at a bare minimum if our money sits in a .4% savings account at least it is still increasing and not staying at zero, like it does when we get a refund from our income.

Lean into Health

I save on health care by being healthy.

I sleep at least eight hours, drink a lot of water, eat various colored fruits and vegetables, exercise, and meditate. A way to stay out of the hospital is to stay healthy. Being at my healthiest during a pandemic is in my best interest.

Where is that catchy health slogan?

App Attack

Let me count the array of money saving apps. There are many apps that will dole out money for receipts. Its not oddles of money and a far cry from active income, but its still money for pushing buttons which isn’t a bad deal.

It seems like easy money and it is.

An app that I have been using a lot lately is Checkout 51. It has a decent payout amount for groceries and gas rewards. I have a referral code with a $5 reward when you download the first receipt.

Time to make it rain!

Free Fun

Life is too short to pay for fun.

There are so many ways to have fun that involve zero dollars. My fun and free hobbies include reading library books, hiking, drawing, and juggling.

I like to practice archery in my backyard but I accidentally killed the shed. No sheds were harmed in the making of this post.

There are some light costs for all of these items from the items themselves to the gas, but I try really hard to keep expenses as lean as possible. At the very least, I try to think if there is anything I can use that is lying around. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.

Still worth it!

Lean & Prosper

Money. It’s a big deal, now more than ever. Do I have to get creative with how to save money? Yes. Will I ever be able to go into a store and buy from a fully stocked shelf? I hope so.

Until then, I am channeling that angst into what I can control, my finances.

Keep exploring!

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