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Are you ready for a short riddle and my (questionable) wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on roast, energy, and drink, then you’ll solve it!

I am what you desire the most

Conveniently found in your favorite roast

I will shake you from your reverie

And provide plenty of mental energy

I am more of an ambrosia than a simple drink

And don’t you dare throw me down the sink

What am I?


Perfection in a Roast

It’s five am, my alarm is screaming at me, and I am trying to summon the will to get out of bed. It’s the siren song of a cup of coffee that makes leaving the bed seem worth it. Happiness is merely a warm cup away or that is how my inner voice convinces me to move. My ideal day begins with a steaming cup of coffee and looking out the window as the sun rises. It sounds so magical!

One of the many perks to coffee is its variety. Coffee has more accessories than your pooch has outfits, from the classic cream and sugar to fancy creamers and syrups. The sheer variety makes me wonder if how you take your coffee is a metaphor for how you view life. Encase your wondering, I take my cup with cream, sugar, and typically cinnamon. Does that mean I view life as sweet, rich, with a hint of excitement? That is shockingly accurate!

Bring on the Jittery Energy

Caffeine is my drug of choice. The feeling is subtle yet noticeable. That jolt of alertness and mental clarity is beloved by all who worship at the grounds of coffee. Of course, as with any drug it can push you to higher highs and lower lows. I try to balance out this deceiving drug with lots of water before and after. It turned out as I get older, caffeine increases its grip on my mental alertness. If you want to see this girl stay up till three am, just give her a shot of coffee in the afternoon and watch her go!

Drink Up the Savings!

Any daily habit can cause financial concern. A way I mitigate this is by making coffee at home in a reusable K-Cup. I save money by buying ground coffee in bulk which is cheaper than prepackaged K-Cups. Bonus Round: a reusable K-Cup cuts down on my landfill contribution too. I win, Earth wins, all the wins!

Is the BuLL Crew wondering what my recommended K-Cup of choice is? Mr. BuLL and I are currently using a cheaper off brand that doesn’t work as well as this one, only the best for the BuLL Crew! May your coffee cup always be full of joy! 

There are few things more iconic than a cup of coffee in the morning. Perhaps it’s the joy of a simple moment before the whirlwind of the day. It could be the morning routine which translates to one less thing to think about. Whatever the rhyme or reason, it reminds me that life’s best moments are also the simplest.

How do you take your coffee?

You got this!

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