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May feels odd like when Skywalker stumbled upon a message from Princess Leia. Just weird. Somethings have stayed constant like the occasional hail and snowstorm. Yes, in Montana that is a thing in May. On the other hand, Coronavirus is turning summer excitement into something that feels similar but in actuality is vastly different. My savings challenge goal for May reflected some of that but in a surprising way.

Grab your lightsaber, were going on a journey!

Shopping Score

I have been pleased at how Checkout51 has been supporting their patrons. They expanded a new feature where you can pick your offer, there are videos that earn nominal amounts of money, and my new favorite feature is cashback for gas receipts. Now, before you quit your job and become a shopping app hustler, Checkout51 doesn’t pay a lot. Just enough to keep you coming back. This is one way I generate passive income for what I am already doing. These are my favorite wins. Another one of my favorite wins is passing it on to my BuLL Crew with this link for a $5 bonus, if you so choose Jedi Saving Knight!

Canceled Cash

Well, instead of getting excited for this summer’s activities, it has turned into an epic let down. Of my three events: Master Naturalist course, Tough Mudder, and Space Camp, all but one has canceled. I am holding onto hope for the Master Naturalist course but the other two are canceled. I wasn’t able to get refunded for all my events but what I didn’t get refunded, I was credited. Not the same but it’s a pandemic after all and I can’t expect no financial casualties. Beware the pull of the dark side and Coronavirus!  

Rakuten Win

It’s that magical time of year when Rakuten pays out earnings. Rakuten is a shopping platform that rewards you for starting your online shopping at their website. Typically the box stores get smaller discounts and the big name brands get bigger discounts. In the end, I still get a bit of money sent to my PayPal every quarter which is a win for my Expedition Everywhere fund. If you need a win right now, BuLL Crew, I got you and your referral too.

Return for the Learn

I return things. Probably more than most people do. Mostly due to the real struggle of buyer’s remorse. What I don’t struggle with is returning items. If I don’t use it and it still has a barcode on it, I return it. I would rather capture that money than have more clutter in my house. Less clutter, more money equates to wins for a more intentional life and increasing my financial security. That is the path of a Jedi and money saver!  

Free Time & Money

One way I keep my expenses low is that I participate in free hobbies like reading books from the library, juggling, archery, and going for a hike at the local mountain. I rarely participate in an activity that involves money. For me, it’s a double-edged lightsaber. It helps to bring my cost of living down and I have a lot more fun knowing it’s not costing me financial goals. The best things in life are free and smell like pine trees and campfires.

A snowy trail in the foreground with a snowcapped mountain in the background. This May money challenged included trips to the mountains that were all of free 99.
May is a month for adventures in life and finances!

Insurance Bonus

Do you pay for medical insurance? Does your insurance company have a reward program? If you said yes to both questions, may I be so bold to suggest using your medical reward program. In a year, I have accumulated rewards which equated to $125 worth of goods. Typically, I wouldn’t splurge on these items but if my insurance is going to throw money at me, I am going to take it, use it, and buy pretty things. Pro tip: I prefer gift cards but that, sadly, is not an option. Still feels like I’m turning the tide away from the dark side!

May Results

At the moment my savings challenge stands at $2,522. This win is an accumulation of small and big wins including full-time employment and various previously mentioned passive side hustles. Overall, I feel pretty stinking grateful that I am a month ahead in my savings challenge. This is good because a lot is about to change regarding my employment status. I can’t wait to share my new endeavors with the BuLL Crew but it also means more adventures in the financial department. That just means more awkward stories for you!

Until then, what have been your financial endeavors as of late?

You got this, BuLL Crew!

2 thoughts on “May the Money Challenge Be With You

  1. Thanks for a couple pointers in here! Sadly, checked the health insurance.. no-go on the rewards 🙁 Worth a try though!

    Have you tried Ibotta? It sits alongside Checkout51 well. Last I checked, I was at about $804 in lifetime rebates over the last few years.

    For Rakuten, I love that they’ve teamed up with AMEX so you can redeem as Membership Rewards points (worth more than 1 cent per point!). Great program.

    PS: Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hey Chris @ TTL! I do use Ibotta but you are clearly a master at it! I only have about $200 in rewards! I enjoyed your frugal vs cheap post and I am looking forward to your guest post about waste! Now that I type that out, that seems like a rather odd statement….

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