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Are you ready for a short riddle and my questionable wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on information, deluge, and humor, then you’ll solve it!

I provide plenty of information

That pertains to our great nation

I am not an incessant deluge

And I promise to not make your inbox huge

I spice up life with some humor

I am more than just a rumor

What am I?

The News!

Information Staycation

It sucks. Let me clarify, the news sucks. It rarely seems to focus on how amazing humanity is. It frequently makes me feel bad for humans and then I realize I am human. Awkward! I get it. We fall for the clickbait. If we didn’t click it, they wouldn’t provide it. That is why I decided to streamline my approach and improve my sanity. My main source of news is the Skimm’. I love this platform because they send me a daily email that is an abbreviated snapshot of what is occurring in the world. I feel informed while keeping my sanity intact. Bonus: they are funny! I enjoy their humors spin on heavy subjects. I may or may not try to emulate that here on the BuLL.

A Deluge is Only Fun When it Pertains to Water Slides or Free Money

Time is money. Do I want to spend my time/money sucked down the rabbit hole of awful things that humans have done today? Not particularly. It makes me feel gross for getting drawn into that ugly black hole and I feel extra bad for that time I wasted on things that didn’t exactly improve my life. With a quick trip to my inbox, I will have accomplished my news gathering civic duty. If the BuLL Crew is interested in the Skimm’ I have a handy link for you. You win, I win, and we all deserve some hot cocoa with extra marshmallows because being human is hard.

Humor Me

The Skimm’ also provides links to external sources if you want to explore where the information originates from. They do provide many referrals products at the bottom of their news blasts. This is good and bad, sometimes it’s relevant to what I am interested but a lot of times it’s not. That’s fair. They have do to their Skimmer thing too!

This is just another tool that I use to simplify my time. Turns out, I appreciate that. Plus, the burden of the news seems lighter. I really appreciate that. I want to live in a happier, simpler, and more intentional world. You deserve that for you too, BuLL Crew because when you’re less stabby it seems like the whole world is less stabby too.

How do you moderate the negative news in your life?

You got this, BuLL Crew!

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