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Are you ready for a short riddle and my questionable wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on money, discount, and card, then you’ll solve it!

Treat me like money

I am pretty sweet like honey

I love a discount

Much to the pleasure of your account

I am shaped like a card

But am quick to discard

What am I?

Gift Card!

Mo’ Money is Mo’ Money

The joys of the modern 21st century. We have the internet, smartphones, and discounted gift cards. It’s amazing what humanity is capable of. Atrocities aside, discounted gift cards are my favorite. You still get the full face value of the gift card but you pay less for it. It’s like a never-ending sale on gift cards! My favorite platform, because there are many, is CardCash. They consistently have the brands I am looking for and the best discounts. I check others sites like Gift Card Granny, Raise, and Cardpool but I have yet to be disappointed with Cardcash.

Discount for Life

I avoid full price like the plague. Too soon? I prefer to keep my money safe, warm, and in a place where it can grow and have lots of babies aka interest. I support this by buying things on sale, at a discount, or secondhand. CardCash is one vehicle that I use to support this lifestyle. If you want to be a passenger in this vehicle with me BuLL Crew I have a link that will take you to CardCash and give you a bonus of $5. Ready, set, save!

Gift Card? More like Great Card!

I have big dreams and a rather expensive life list. Fun fact: a trip to Antarctica is roughly $20,000 and it’s on my life list. That is a whole lot of discounted gift cards! Saving money in little ways is training for how to save in big ways. Buying goods on a discount or sale will automatically set you on a path for saving money in big ways like with cars, houses, and llamas. I don’t judge your dreams. Dream big, BuLL Crew! Just send me pictures of your llama. In the end, it’s about getting our small intentions right so when the big purchases arise we have already practiced saving on thousands of small purchases. Small wins lead to big savings.

How are you going to use discounted gift cards to lead to your big savings?

You got this, BuLL Crew!

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