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June was a strange month. Financially, it was somewhat consistent except for the part where I stopped working. The whole quitting during a pandemic changes things. However, finances were solid this month. Here is what led to June being a financial bloom.

Get ready to stash your cash and discounted gift cards, BuLL Crew!

Sinking Money for Funsies

This month I went on a trip to Glacier National Park. If you are wondering what I did as a Glacier resident for a week, stay tuned! This expedition cost about $900 for food, lodging, education, and certification. The fun was free. What a steal! The amount was worth the experience but that doesn’t make it any less of a hefty price. I saved for this trip previously with a sinking fund. A small chunk of money each month was put it in a savings account I call, Expedition Everywhere. I prefer having an account where I “sink” or send funds every month instead of trying to pay for it all at once. No one wants their account balance to report zero. No. One.

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.

– llive, llaugh, llove like a llama (llove this book!)

Do the Hustle

One of my side hustles is house sitting. Occasionally the families I babysit for need a qualified house sitter. By qualified, I am referring to the fact that I am: human, responsible, and an adult. I am those things most of the time. I water plants, visit the severely introverted cat, and ensure the structure is sound and not leaking water in strange places. Business is not back to “normal” as far as my occasional babysitting gig but this is the first time I have had an opportunity to partake in my side hustle. It made me feel warm, gooey, and human again.

Fee-Free Hobbies

Since I am still deficient in my side hustles, it has been more important than ever to pursue fee-free hobbies. My hobbies drift between drawing, reading, writing, archery, and hiking. If you want more fee-free hobbies in your life, BuLL Crew, I got you! Enjoy this listicle that was much more relevant when the Rona was giving us all the free time.

Bring the Bing

I cashed in more Bing rewards. Bing is an internet search engine like Google or Firefox. I use Bing because there is compensation to be earned through Microsoft Rewards. Okay, here is the real deal: Bing is not the best internet search engine. Google is still king of all the unworthy search engines. After all, Google took over the term internet. People don’t say, “Look it up on the internet,” they say, “Google it.” For good reason, it’s still search engine number one but Google doesn’t pay me either. Bing, it is! I enjoy taking monetary advantage for things I am already doing. If Microsoft is going to throw rewards at me, you can bet your digital money I am going to take it, save it, and then spend it on travel.

Discover Your Interest

I keep my expedition fund in a high-interest savings account. Well, it was high before the stock market decided to visit Trampoline Land. Its current interest rate is just over 1% but normally it’s above 2%. I am looking forward to those greener interest rates. Until then, I’ll just keep tucking away my fun money in a safe, boring place.

Lean, Mean, Money Saving Machine

Keep your budget simple. This has been my budget motto as of late. I love minimalism and keeping things simple. It’s easier to remember and less stressful. So. Many. Wins. This month I have fifteen entries in my budget. This is great. It’s easier to keep track of and doesn’t make me feel stressed about how many “things” my money tried to please this month. Outside of my preplanned travel expenses, my budget did a good job of making everyone happy. I guess my budget is a people pleaser.

All the June Bloom

June was a good look for my finances. My current savings account, Expedition Everywhere, sits at $2,914. I expected it to be closer to $2,500, so the reality is better than I anticipated. A big portion of my savings comes from my primary income. However, its little chunks of money that surface from my secondary income that help me to reach my goals faster.  

Do you have a secondary source of income that is supercharging your financial goals?

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4 thoughts on “June Bloom or Gloom? The Monthly Money Results

  1. I am very intrigued by your Bing rewards. I’m assuming that because you mentioned it here it generates a notable reward. Is it worth your time?

    Like you I enjoy many fee-free hobbies. Now if I could just get my husband on board that would be so great. His hobbies are golf and skiing which can be very expensive. But he enjoys them and we are aligning our spending with our values so I don’t complain about them (too much:).

    1. Ah, marriage the land of comprise. 🙂 As far as the Bing rewards, I don’t generate much like $5 every other month. It’s worth it to me because its passive.

  2. Bing and Google search are internet search engines, not browsers. Microsoft’s browser is called Edge and Google’s browser is called Chrome. Firefox is a third party browser.

    1. Thanks for the correction! That’s embarrassing but I updated the post. I am pretty sure I am going to accumulate more Bing rewards for trying to untangle the difference between browsers and search engines. How did your test results shake out? To be imprisoned or not imprisoned, that is the question. 😉

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