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The Fourth of July is quiet possibly the biggest, ongoing celebration for a document in human history. The idea that a group of brave humans swore allegiance to a document that declared their values and rebelled against a monarchy certainly seems like a great way to party. What ensued from that historic moment manifested into a country based upon, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. That is my kind of country! Let’s take this moment to celebrate our freedom and strive for a financial independence. Time to rebel against the status quo, increase our savings, and determine what our financial truths are!

Grab your reusable water bottle, BuLL Crew, it’s about to get sultry in here!

Enhancing Financial Skills

Feeling financially pumped? Ready to increase your assets? Great! What now? Let’s start with developing a new positive financial truth. I am going to suggest starting small and developing a habit to improve your finances. Let’s begin with creating a list of all the ways you could increase your finances. Think of big ways and small ways. There are no limits to this list and it doesn’t even have to be relevant to your situation. Just dump all known financial ideas onto this hodge-podge list. If you’re still looking at a whole lotta blank, I got you, BuLL Crew! Here is a nice sampler of ways I saved in June.

Now that you have all the interesting things and not-so-interesting things in one gathering, I want you to circle what sounds the most appealing to you. Of all the things on this list, what sounds easy and possible for your life right now? Of the ones you circled, which one do you think you could try in the next six months? That is the winner of the game: My New Positive Financial Truth! It’s best to start new financial endeavors the same way you approach a small child with fireworks: slowly, cautiously, and with a plan incase things get weird. 

All. The. Truths.

What is your unfortunate financial truth? My uncomfortable financial truth is that I have a hard time saying no to: ice cream, travel souvenirs, and anything starting with the magical word – free. Why am I asking you to have this uncomfortable conversation with yourself? Because this financial obstacle will happen and having a plan for how to hurdle that obstacle will feel a lot like winning. Somethings are easy to plan for, others (mean-mugging the Rona) are less easy. The point is, that if it’s been a problem before chances are it will be a problem in the future. Having a plan, even a loose one is better than no plan and feeling gross after eating too much ice cream.

Watch Yo’ Self

Now, we have a new financial truth, a plan for how to avoid our unfortunate financial truths, all we need is motivation! Nothing says, “I am saying no to that shiny object found at Target,” like “I am saying, yes to (insert your funsies goal here)”. Want to retire early, travel the world, and be the definition of YOLO? Feeling the pull of a diving trip in a volcano off the coast of New Zealand? Needing more zorbing in your life? Me too, BuLL Crew, me too.

This is where you can leverage your life list to assist in your resilience. A handy way to remind yourself of these goals is to have a conveniently placed picture like where your credit card resides. Perhaps a daily reminder that pops up on your phone every morning of why you are saying yes to a future goal and no to a current want. Just like being fit, daily bites of healthy food lead to a happy stomach and kicking “bad” cholesterol to the curb where it belongs!

Celebrating Community

Where would the founding fathers be without their community? It’s hard to have a rebellion when it’s a party of seven. Kinda hard to fight tyranny with those measly numbers. Your financial truths should have the same support and discussion. Communities that have better finances (aka “the rich”) are communities that have transparent discussions about finances. It can be awkward at first but it is well worth the extended silences. Talking to others about their financial truths can give you ideas or inspiration. Bonus Round: You may inspire others to change or enhance their finances too. You win, they win, we all win and deserve fireworks!

We rise by lifting others.

– llive, llaugh, llove like a llama (llove this book!)

Clearly Evident

Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness. Powerful stuff but I do not see finances mentioned. Fair. Finances are still one piece of the complicated story of life. However, having good finances can optimize life, liberty, and the happiness pursuit. For me, that is the main reason I aggressively pursue enhancing my financial truths. If a group of citizens could overthrow a monarchy, start a rebellion that energizes a country, and develop a nation that other countries look to as a beacon for freedom and democracy, I am pretty sure I can manage to not overspend my budget. Maybe.

How are you going to enhance your financial truths?

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