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Are you ready for a short riddle and my questionable wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on feet, sweat, and variety, then you’ll solve it!

I am here for your feet

Trust me, I’m a comfy treat

No need to fret

I’ll collect the sweat

It may induce anxiety

But I have a lot of variety

What am I?


Gratitude for Feet

Is this the first time I have writing about something odd? No. Will it be the last? Unsurprisingly, no. Your feet are the powerhouses of motion. Think of the miles you walk every day! Did you slither to the bathroom today? Perhaps you stood on your hands as you cooked dinner? If you did this – You. Are. Amazing. Also, please send a video. Walking is right in the same forgotten category as breathing or blinking, we don’t even think about it. We just do it. Nike had it right all along – just do it.

Sweat Happens

Your feet and your bed. There is a classy saying about making it rain in those two categories because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other. As a person with excessively needy feet (glaring at you fallen arches), it’s best to invest in quality shoes and socks. My indulgent sock brand of choice is Darn Tough. Twenty bucks for a pair of socks is expensive. However, this is an American made brand and they have a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty on socks. Yeppers, when these cushion kings wear out you send them back and they send you a new pair. If that isn’t an investment in quality, I am unsure of what investment in quality means.

Darn Tough is doing a sweet program for your feet. You can get in a drawing for free socks for life. They do want your email because sometimes quality is also needy. If you are interested in this, BuLL Crew, here is a link for your chance to win free sock for life!

Variety = Spice

I don’t get too caught up in variety. As an avid hiker, I need cushion for my feet and variety doesn’t influence that attitude or the altitude for that matter. After hiking 38 miles in three days, I don’t want to end up with another set of blisters on the bottom of my toes. That had more to do with the zillion stream crossings and I stopped wearing proper shoes and socks. It doesn’t change the fact that it was an uncomfortable way to hike, and live for that matter. I invest in quality products like Darn Tough because my feet deserve the best. If I am expecting them to continue to propel this meat package forward (occasionally backward) the least I can do is buy them quality socks.

Do you treat your feet or keep it to the wash and rinse routine?

You got this, BuLL Crew!

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