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Are you ready for a short riddle and my questionable wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on hydrate, skin, and better, then you’ll solve it!

I am worth my weight

And here to assist in the hydrate

Your biggest organ is your skin

Even though it seems so thin

I will make you feel better

Then your favorite sweater

What am I?


Hydrate Everywhere

I am rather particular about my lotion. I have sensitive skin (I get hives when I mistreat my skin) and visit the dermatologist yearly. Sometimes more because, well, age happens. Fun fact: Being pasty becomes more anxiety-inducing with time. Why doesn’t everything age like wine? Winey story aside, the derm suggested a fancy unscented lotion called, Vanicream. At one point you had to ask for it because it resided “behind the counter”. Now, it’s available over the counter where all the other lotions like to party. Want derm approved lotion? Pick up some Vanicream, your skin will thank you.

Skinny Savings

Mr. BuLL and I like to share lotions. Before this gets anymore weird, let me clarify! We buy one lotion for the whole party of two. Instead of buying a fancy scented girly kind (can’t do that anyways because my sensitive skin tends to throw up hives) and buying a suggestively scented “man” lotion, we go straight for the uncompromised middle of unscented. Everybody’s skin wins, we save money, and no one gets hives. Ah, the joys of marriage.

Better is Better

Life is short, just like our patience for dry skin. If you live somewhere dry, like the high desert that is all of Montana, driness happens. A lot. One way to combat that and avoid an expensive trip to the derm is to buy doctor recommended lotion. Happy skin is a definite win.

What is your preferred lotion, BuLL Crew? Do have a preference for a lotion routine or are you a “whatever is handy” type of human?

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