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Are you ready for a short riddle and my questionable wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on fund, rainy day, and account, then you’ll solve it!

This is your go-to stunned fund

A collection of savings for a rainy day

It all begins with an account

What am I?

An Emergency Fund!

Fueling the Bad Day Fund

There are so many reasons to have an emergency fund. What if your car breaks down? How would you pay for a large unexpected medical bill? What if a new virus comes and wipes out the world’s economy by forcing everyone to stay home? Too soon? Frog Dancer Jones at Burning Desire for Fire had a great story about the value of an emergency account because she had to break into her piggy jar not once but twice. It was a series of unfortunate events….

Rainy Day Expectations

When unexpected events occur, those tricky little blighters seem to happen in groups. Like it’s a party of sadness or something equally unappealing. Frog Dancer details in her post the two events that forced her to tap into her emergency fund and how she managed to refill it so quickly afterward. Spoiler Alert: She is a savvy lady who has experience in no-spend endeavors. No-spend days, weeks, months are a great way to increase your savings by a lot but it’s also kind of like a muscle, it may take frequent exposure.

Accounting for Blessings

This article was a reminder of the importance of emergency funds. It’s like having Scrooge McDuck as an uncle but with fewer feathers and moodiness. It’s an entity that will have your financial back when all else fails. This is the beauty of an emergency fund. When the world is falling apart and Coronavirus is throwing out blow after blow, you can use your emergency fund to show the Coronavirus it can take its chaos somewhere else!

Do you have a stacked emergency fund, BuLL Crew, or are you looking for ways to increase your emergency fund?

Keep exploring, BuLL Crew!

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