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Are you ready for a short clever riddle and my questionable wit? To solve this puzzle you will have to use your wisdom with a dash of grit! Focus on hire, retire, and desire, then you’ll solve it!

I have questions for hire

The answers will show you how you want to retire

When your ready, we’ll discuss your desire

What am I?

A Fire Quiz!

A Questionable Hire

Melanie at Partners in Fire had a delightful little quiz about early retirement. This quiz is a fun way to bring humor into the typically drab world of finances. Plus, she goes into the different kinds of early retirement because like anything else in this modern era there are all types of flavors. I scored as a Barista FIRE which is not surprising after reflecting over my brief stint in retirement.

Early Retire

It wasn’t until I started blogging that I realized there is a big interweb community that pays tribute, and occasionally a sacrifice, to the FIRE concept. FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early, as in lighting a FIRE of motivation to crush adulting and retire early. It’s a delightful community of inspirational people but sometimes I forget that this is not the typical norm outside of the interweb. Ah reality, so different compared to the internet.

Hopeful Desire

I certainly hope to retire early but I am putting my current Park Ranger pay towards my life list. Many of those excursions are on hold until Coronavirus decides to unclutch its tight hold on humanity. Until then I will keep doing what I do best, flex my Type A nerd, and keep accumulating ways to save!

What are your results from the FIRE Quiz? Were your results expected or were you pleasantly surprised?

Keep exploring!

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