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You deserve free Coldstone ice cream. Did you manage to get up and turn your alarm off when all you wanted to do was sleep? Did you escape traffic with your sanity? Congratulations, you are crushing it! Your reward? A moment of dairy bliss:

You step in the door and hear the twinkle that brings newfound joy to your step. As you are traversing the land of ice cream delights. You peruse the many selections and you tell the peppy high school student behind the counter your flavor of choice. It feels like you have been waiting in line for a lifetime but it’s only been five minutes. Waiting in line is like dog years, right? You watch in rapture as the highly skilled teenager mixes your masterful creation. You are handed your delicious concoction and head to the register. What could make this magical Coldstone moment better? Getting it for free!

Grab a cup of water and your tiny spoon, we are diving into dairy deliciousness!


The easiest way to get free ice cream is to sign up for Coldstone’s reward program. First, they sent you a treat for registering and then another treat on your birthday. Plus, you get one point for every dollar spend. Depending on your ice cream obsession, you can quickly cash in those rewards for ice cream, cakes, shakes, or any other frozen treat your heart desires!

They will also send you frequent coupons for BOGO (Buy One, Get One) offers because eating ice cream with a friend is the best way to eat ice cream. The free frozen goodness feels so good!

Fetch Rewards for the Win

Here are the reasons I love Fetch Rewards: I can take a picture of any receipt and this app gives me points. Bonus Round: grocery receipts are worth more rewards. The rewards build up and I can select a free gift card for Coldstone. If that isn’t love, I am unsure if I know what love is.

Sign up for free using my referral link and you get $2! My referral code is FE1FE, its like a secret code but better!


Checkout51 is also a receipt-capturing, reward-dolling platform. However, it is like a high-end store in that you have to select items before you take a picture of your receipt. However the rewards are bigger and better aka cashback. If name brand is your jam, this will be your jamming app too!

If you want to increase your cash, use the gas reward option. Select your station of preference before you gas up. Then upload your receipt with a picture and the next then you know, you have more rewards!

Be sure to go through the list of items once a week too. Sometimes they pay you to watch a video or have free samples. Checkout51 makes it so easy to earn cashback for your ice cream craving!

Here is a free referral link, if you want to start cash in on the Checkout51 free ice cream!


Another option is discounted gift cards. I know it seems… scamy but it’s not! I use this site all the time and at the moment there are multiple ColdStone gift cards at 22% off! This site has many other retailers and a whole slew of discounts. When you sign up, they send you coupon codes to boost your savings even more. If CardCash is going to throw money at me, I am going to take it, and spend it on Birthday Cake Ice Cream at Coldstone.

I have a treat for you! A it’s a CardCash $5 referral code! At this point, you are getting paid to eat ice cream!

Fabulously Free

You may have noticed I obsessively enjoy ice cream. I also enjoy free. Combining the two feels like a reward for adulting. Let’s cheers over our favorite cup of frozen dairy and enjoy every moment that is delicious and free.

How do you get free Coldstone ice cream? 

Keep exploring!

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