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I have gas. You have gas. We all have gas. Gas happens.

I am not referring to the stench worthy biological function nor the general proclamation of air molecules. I am referring to a different kind of suck that occurs with our wallet and vehicle. Gasoline.

It instinctually makes you think, did I fill up before the prices went up? Probably not. Because….adulting.

Platitudes aside, here is a collection of ways to save on gas because the last thing I am interested in is splurging at the pump when traveling.

Get ready to soak up the rewards!


Typically, I have a good idea of how to save on gas because I know where to find the cheapest gas price in my town. Gazing fondly at the closest Costco that is over an hour away… Grocery store connected gas stations are comparable for gas savings, if you happen to live in a barren land without Costco. (Not bitter or anything!)

When I travel, I use Gas Buddy because I typically have no idea where the next station is let alone the cheapest gas.  

If you live in a metropolis, where there are many gas options this may be a handy tool. Gas Buddy has extra incentives too that will give you rewards for correcting prices and uploading receipts. Time to make it rain rewards!


Since gassing up happens frequently, Mr. BuLL and I sign up for gas station loyalty programs. For example, we purchase a lot of Holiday gas because, with their loyalty program, it knocks off an extra five cents off per gallon.

This is not going to be funding anyone’s future ticket to space but if you “stack” these savings with gas rewards and the apps, it can be a significant savings at the pump. Pump some of that savings right back into your life list!


There are other alternatives to using gas. Carpooling, walking, and biking are ways to boycott gas and go green.

Pro Tip: If you walk or bike that doubles as exercise time! Carpooling or taking public transportation gives you opportunities to socialize and releasing those extrovert talking feelings the Rona may have suppressed.

If saving on gas isn’t enough motivation to walk more how about being rewarded for walking or biking?

I use Sweatcoin because it rewards you for walking and biking. I. Am. Serious. The more you steps you accumulate outside, the faster the rewards accumulate.


I am in the pro credit card camp. I believe that credit cards are a great way to build your credit score, capture rewards from gas purchases, increase passive income, and protect your money.

However, similar to the many other tools available for passive income, this is not for everyone. I recommend treating a credit card like a sharp knife. You have to respect it by paying it off every month and paying attention to incoming charges.

If you tend to cut towards yourself aka not pay your credit card every month, then I do not recommend it. I don’t want your credit history to become full of stitches of poor decisions like that one time I used a paring knife to cut a bagel and ended up with stitches.

I use my Discover because of their revolving reward cycle. You can bet your passive income that I use it when during the summer when they have rewards for gas purchases.


Paying for gas is similar to paying bills for doctor appointments, taxes, and other moments that make being human feel expensive. We can rebel against those moments by paying less. Save on gas while traveling so you can spend those savings on bigger and better things like a hot air balloon ride.

How do you save on gas at the pump?

Keep exploring!

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