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I wanted adventure, romance, and thrill of a hot air balloon ride but I don’t want it to cost me my newborn son. Unless he is wailing like a banshee, then…maybe.

Many turbulent feelings begin once I stepped foot into a hot air balloon. However, one of them wasn’t guilt for spending too much.

Shopping For a Cheap Hot Air Balloon Ride

Before my hot airlift, I decided where I wanted to enjoy this slow-moving carriage – close to home or far, far away. Either way, I had to decide where I wanted to enjoy this endeavor and used my internet search engine of choice to see what was available.

The next stop in this hot air affair was looking for various venues. This gave me an idea of how much it would cost. The price changed by location; hot air ballooning in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was much less than anywhere in Greece.

While I was shopping around, I pursued reviews too. These nuggets of insight gave me tips on whom was a better pilot or if a company is good at expelling unhappy passengers.

Groupon Is My Friend

Groupon has more than discounted food and clothes. This site was great for looking at discounted prices on excursion activities too. I used the various vendors I found with my initial search, to see what could shake out of the magic ball of Groupon results.

Fly Off-Season

Similar to a flight with engines and wings, a common way to finding cheaper prices is flying in the shoulder season or during the week. This advice was valid for my large yet slow-moving explosion. The savvy companies didn’t list those price changes on their website but it was in my favor to ask when I was price checking. The savings could have been….explosive!

Asking For a Cheap Hot Air Balloon Ride

After becoming a lean, mean, knowledge-filled hot air balloon machine, I had to step into some discomfort because of my introvert condition. I had to put on my alter ego, who may or may not be named Beyoncé, and call to ask about discounts.

During my internet search, I stumbled across expired discounts. I asked about those and if they would be willing to extend the offer. I also asked about typical discounts like veteran or military. The trick was I had to ask.

The worst they can say was no, right? At the least, I would have lost nothing but at the most, I would have saved a bundle!

Rewarding Payment

Credit card rewards are the best! I use my Discover card a lot because of their 5% revolving cashback rewards. Every month, I pay my card in full but I accumulated cashback for things I have to purchase like groceries, gas, and insurance.

I let my Discover rewards accumulate until the end of the month and then transfer them over to my savings account. Now, I have free money waiting to be used for expeditions like a hot air balloon ride. Life is better when people are paying you to do fun things.

Life List Time

How many times have I felt anxiety, awe, majesty, and pure joy? These complex emotions awaited me as I traveled unrestricted at 2,000 feet. This experience wasn’t be tempered with a heavy burden of expense. It was well worth the effort and time of finding a cheap hot air balloon ride.

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