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I unleashed the Kraken. Not intentionally! But I set up a routine, gave it time, energy, and a place in my life. Now, its a beast with a morning routine all its own.

Find those comfy pants because were about to stretch them out!


I have been practicing yoga on and off for years. My most recent stint has been the longest. I get up at 5 to complete my routine. That is not a typo, I get up at 5 am to do yoga. World, meet my personal Kraken, its named is rising-before-the-sun yoga.

I have to get up extra early to complete this task. Why? If I wait for any other time of day, I may get too busy or my mind may fail to remember. This happens, recently, I forgot to brush my teeth!

Whereas, if I do it immediately in the morning I have no excuse. My brain is still in the default groggy mode and I’m too tired to complain.


As a financial boon, yoga also falls squarely in the fee-free zone as a free and fun hobby. No gym membership, driving, or fancy gear. Of course, I could upgrade to fancy yoga but that is not me, I prefer free fitness.

Yoga is also how I avoid expensive visits to physical therapists or worse, surgeons.

I have scoliosis, it’s a curvature of the spine.

I am fortunate that my curvature is on the gradual side. Which means my life is normal and relatively pain-free. I am grateful for this.

I participate in preventative maintenance like yoga because I only have one body. It’s imperfect with its scoliosis, fallen arches, and other less than desirable qualities like its proclivity for moles.

Yet, after my annual doctor visit, I am deemed exceptionally healthy. This isn’t by chance. It’s because of the Kraken aka yoga at 5 am routine. Even when sleep feels like a better option. Sleep is always the better option.


Along with those random lottery winnings of human genetics, I am getting older. My “older” is starting to become more noticeable.

Luckily, Mayo Clinic has written a rather impressive post about aging. If they are writing about that, I am not the only one googling the “effects of aging” and booing the results.

Many of the physical benefits of yoga combat the nasties of aging with strengthening, toning, and promoting balance. Bonus Round: All the deep breathing promotes stress relief and balances my mind.

Don't be afraid of the Kraken, kitty! The physical benefits of yoga will keep you strong!
Combat the fears of aging with the many mental and physical benefits of yoga!

Yes, I released the Kraken. But it has been a friendly Kraken that has provided financial and physical benefits of yoga. I am not putting Kraken away, instead I am going to feed it like a growing puppy. A weird, growing puppy.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into a 4 am monstrosity.

Do you practice yoga or any of its affiliates like tai chi?

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