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Seriously, who uses the public library? A wealth ninja and 72 million of my fellow Millennials friends. Turns out, Millennials are more likely than any other generation to use the public library. We know how to have a good time. 😉

Libraries are my favorite. The whole library concept is wicked like rebel-with-a-cause wicked aka Harry Potter.

It’s a public entity that everyone chips in for AND has access to information or entertainment. Yes, it greatly benefits wealth ninjas like myself but technically anyone can access this information and benefit from it.

Find your dark clothes and get ready to sneak around like a perpetrator!


Let me count the ways libraries help me to save!

I am growing my wealth one book at a time. The only time it costs me anything is if I ignore the courtesy emails about when to return their books, formerly known as trees.

When I first started diving into the world of personal finance, I looked at many pins on Pinterest. After a while, those pretty pins became pretty repetitive. I needed more content. Even if it meant, less pictures. Boo, cost and benefit analysis!

I turned to my local library and found gems like The Millionaire Next Door, Your Money or Your Life, and 4-Hour Work Week. I learned that the wealthy are very different from society’s image of wealth.

It began casually but then I started accumulating more concepts. It turned into an avalanche of personal finance knowledge.

All made accessible and with the perfect price of free.


After reading about other’s success, I started trying their suggestions. I didn’t tell people what I was doing, hence the super-secret-ninja training.

It’s a bit less secret now. Hello, internet!

I am okay with that because I have a plan that will lead to a successful, action-packed future. A future that will include refining my skills by continuing my obsessive use of the public library.

Do you use the public library to refine your wealth ninja skills? What has been your most influential finance book?

Keep exploring!

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