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Credit card churning. It reminds me of speeding when I’m late for work.

Is it effective? Yes. I get to work on time. Is it risky? Yes. The cops are out there watching which sounds very X-Files. Similar to when I am late for work, I don’t do it all the time but occasionally when the opportunity presents itself.

Churning credit cards can be risky. Hello, former spending problem. Plus, having a lot of credit cards isn’t a good look for a credit score. Risks aside, it can be lucrative.

I have received discounted plane tickets. Plus, this is one of the ways I that will help me to achieve saving $5,000 in less than 12 months.

Get ready to give the side-eye and follow that up with a raised eyebrow…


I want to level with you. I am not an expert. I would consider myself a novice on this topic. I know just enough to get by and make some extra money for my greedy travel account.

One day that was every inch of normal, I received a credit card offer in the mail. Typically, I throw them away without a thought but for whatever reason, I didn’t this time. Instead, I investigated the offer, which turned out to be legitimate.

If I spent $500 in 3 months I would get $200 back. This card also has 2% cashback on groceries, restaurants, and 3% on gas. This is better than some of my other credit cards. This one also provides discounts to museums which was probably the clincher because I am a knowledge nerd.

I had some big bills coming up so I decided to give it a whirl.


As with any financial win, this also took strategic planning. I needed to ensure that my big bills were being paid for by this card.

My big bills are car insurance and registration which are due in the fall. I set up reminders about paying for those lame purchases with the new credit card.

If the card had a membership fee, like American Express, I would put a reminder in my phone to close the account before the fee initiates. Which is what I did when I churned a American Express for discounted plane tickets.


One of the reasons I get offered credit cards frequently is because my credit score is at the baller status of 800+.

It has taken many little steps to fine-tune that sexy number including checking on my credit once a year with Annual Credit Report. I also pay my credit cards off every month and I don’t have any loans outside of my mortgage.

That’s a fun story, we refinanced twice with the recent market calamities and now have an APR at 2.5%! Is this what it feels like to win the mortgage game?


If I didn’t have all that in my favor, I wouldn’t have pursued credit card churning. There is still a significant risk of opening a credit card and not being able to keep track of the nuances.

After a long road of financial experience, I feel pretty confident with this occasional risky business.

Are you on the credit card churning bandwagon? Or are you giving me the side-eye right now?

Keep exploring!

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