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I have picked up a mild net-worth obsession. If mild can be defined as thinking about it at least once a day. Usually, more.

This has probably stemmed from one of the many financial books that I read. Many spout the benefits of tracking your net-worth. It’s pretty influential when these folks are enjoying early retirement.

Recently, I calculated my entire lifetime income and how much I had in liquid assets versus that lifetime of earnings.

The results were depressing. I am in the top 50% of my age bracket for net-worth wealth but I am far from the top 10%. Lame!

I am still not over those results but tracking the progress of my current net-worth has been…fun. Is this what a bean counter feels like?

After all, I wouldn’t have seen my net-worth go up $6,000 if it hadn’t of been for me tracking my progress, saving like it’s going out of style, and doing fun stuff that doesn’t involve money.

Hold your spreadsheets tight, we are diving into the magical world of numbers! (I can’t believe I just typed “a magical world” in reference to numbers.)


I am a strict follower of a budget because I make less than average. I know, I googled it.

Track every dollar down to the cent is my jam.

This is fabulous because it helps me to keep track of what areas I am weak in. Mostly, it’s when my fun money becomes a snobby spending spree.

It’s fascinating to look back over the years worth of budgets and to see the progress I have made or not made. Is this what maturing feels like?


My net-worth obsession has a twin flame also born of angst, frustration, uncertainty. Saving. I save, all of my money, like a hoarder. When I’m not wandering the house in sweatpants.

Grocery shopping is a way I save money. I cash in with my shopping app rewards monthly. I have a bit of other side hustles that accumulates a bit of cash. Because a tiny win is still a win.

Plus, most of my nonperishable goods are purchased online which fits the guidelines of social distancing. It saves time and energy which is how I prefer to exist.


I combat many of my antsy feelings with nature plus it’s a great way to decrease my expenses.

I run a trail by my work because it’s convenient and they pay me to workout. Bonus Round: It’s the most scenic trail in town.

Plus, I go on mini explorations on weekends.

This formula has prevented me from becoming a blubbery mess. Plus, outside of gas and snacks, everything else is paid for in sweat and steps. Free fun is my favorite!


A majority of my income is funneled into retirement accounts, savings accounts, or investing accounts. The rest is taxes and cost of living. The fruits of adulting….

To date, August has proved to be the biggest fluctuation in my income. It turns out the market was good for my finances. I realized that I have much of my money tied up with market influenced vehicles which explains the fluctuation.

I have only been doing this for a few months, I am curious to see how things will shift. Hopefully, in this delightfully increasing net-worth momentum.

During a pandemic, with an economic downturn, and a presidential election. Happy thoughts!

Do you have a net-worth obsession? Or a more “normal” obsession?

Keep exploring!

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  1. Hey BuLL! Top 50% is great, and you should give yourself more credit 🙂 The way you’re saving and building wealth, I’m sure you’d be at the top 10% in no time!

    1. Thank you, Liz! Everyone should have a Liz in their life! As long as I keep reading sweet financial blogs like yours, I’ll get there eventually!

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