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Is juggling hard? Learning how to juggle was more frustrating than becoming a Shellback, took longer than learning how to dogsled, and has been more intensive than getting flown off an aircraft carrier in a Blackhawk helicopter.

How is throwing balls in the air and catching them in a synchronized fashion, this stinking challenging? Great question!

The steps from looking at the balls to throwing them in the air in a mini acrobatic show is similar to figuring my finances and getting on the path to financial stability.

The difference is that learning to juggle was probably slightly less anxiety-inducing than figuring out my finances. Unless I started juggling with knives, if that was the case: It. Would. Be. Amazing. Spoiler Alert: I still have all my fingers and toes.

Get ready to throw all the things!


Before I started juggling, I thought it was a good idea to figure out how to juggle. What did the world do before YouTube?

The same process occurred with my finances. I didn’t run around as a five-year-old proclaiming my love of stocks, bonds, and 401ks.

If I did, people would think that’s adorable and odd. I learned about finances by reading. A lot. Just like how new jugglers start. Or in this case replace reading with watching how to juggle videos on YouTube


Juggling is full of fails. Every time I drop a ball it’s a mini fail but then every time I pick it up and try again it’s a success.

Learning to manipulate my finances was no different. I didn’t start as a budget pro overnight.

There were plenty of splurges on Harry Potter gear and candy.
What? Isn’t that what you splurged on as a 25-year-old?

At times I am still practicing. I drop the ball on both my budget and juggling but I pick it back up and try again.

I will never be perfect but I am not chasing perfection I am chasing great.


As with any habit I want to ingrain, it takes small efforts everyday.

It was too overwhelming to become a good juggler overnight. The same is true for my finances. It takes a few minutes of effort every day that lead to big accomplishments.

That is why it’s so hard to take small steps because it looks like a whole lot of nowhere.

When I hark back to my big life list accomplishments, they didn’t happen overnight.

I didn’t get my Bachelor of Science overnight. It took a solid week of intensive training to achieve my Master Naturalist certification. I certainly didn’t marry Mr. BuLL after one date, he is a good guy but isn’t Captain America either!

It probably doesn’t help that good habits take longer to establish versus bad. However, that doesn’t make it less achievable, it just means more work. Yay. Work is my favorite….🙄


My goal was to learn how to juggle with three balls. Nothing fancy, just enough to impress. I didn’t establish a date, which may have contributed to the excessive amount of frustration.

Finances are similar. I had a simple financial goal to save $5,000 in 12 months. Once that goal was established, I gave it a lot of time and energy.

Want to guess what happened? I saved $5,000 in 9 months. It felt so good! #winning


It may see obvious but for those in the back, when I practice anything long enough I increase my proficiency. This isn’t just my slap-happy experience. A fun book called, Outliers, discussed the magic number: 10,000. That is hou many hours are needed to achieve master status.

I am okay with never reaching master status as a juggler. But I certainly want to be, The Master of My Finances. I want to put that abbreviation after my name!


Finances and juggling are all the same. The difference is the pain in failure and the euphoria with success.

If I drop a ball, it doesn’t hurt. Much.

If I drop my finances, that hurts. A lot. The underlying concepts are the same but finances have a bit more teeth with failure and a lot more euphoria to the success.

As with anything, it’s my mindset, habits, and effort that will declare my success.

Are you a juggler? Of finances or other similarly weighted objects?

Keep exploring!

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2 thoughts on “Is Juggling Hard? It’s Like Figuring out My Finances but Worse

  1. I definitely can’t juggle real world items, but I like to think I can juggle the theory of finance : )

    Nice comparison. Hope you are well.


    1. Thanks for the visit and kudos, Max! It’s always nice to see a friendly face on this digital space. I am doing well, I hope you are too!

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