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How does this machine know so much about me? We have never met or shared intimate details, yet its flashy words are a siren song to my soul.

How does it know all the right things that I need in my life? It’s certainly bait that I have clicked on!

After watching, The Social Dilemma and being horrified, I’ll be avoiding clickbait as well as cleaning out my social media accounts.

Grab your mouse and be prepared to uninstall!                


Instant gratification feels amazing but it’s not practical for my finances. There is no golden egg, get rich quick scheme, or rich family member that will get bumped off for the sake of my financial win.

If I want to be successful in my financial goals, it will take effort. Lots and lots of effort.

I prefer the slow and steady method. This has been a brilliant application to my finances. It’s far from the seedy realm of instant gratification and is more like little financial bytes adjusted over a long period.  

My current super, savvy saver applications didn’t develop overnight. I adjusted little behaviors over time until the new behaviors were old habits, then I started with another slight upgrade.

This method of madness reminds me of how compound interest seems like magic.

Slight upgrades push me closer to my financial goals with a minimal amount of bandwidth. It’s sustainable and requires very little effort – my favorite!


What kind of human do I want to be?

Do I want to be rich? Generous? Frugal? Having a reason for why I am constantly upgrading my habits is important.

My financial concentration stems from opportunities. My favorite types of opportunities comprise of exploring nature, gorging on cultural delicacies, and increasing my knowledge database.

That is why I work – to fund values that are important to me. When I am slogging away on my budget or working overtime, I remember my values. An extra boost of effort now may increase my opportunity dividends in the future.

Similar to a hot air balloon ride, slow and steady is much more enjoyable when compared to fast and uncertain. It all comes back to avoiding clickbait!
This was a dream with a date made possible by avoiding clickbait!


I dare to dream big especially with my finances.

As with anything I hope to accomplish, I start with a plan.

I start broad with a financial dream, then fine-tune the specifics, and finish it with a date.

I am uninterested in quitting my day job to become a stockbroker because I am already living a professional dream. My professional career is one facet of the dream collection.

However, if I want to accomplish my financial dreams with a date (aka a goal), I have to start moving forward with little links that will move my financial goals forward. Coronavirus is a dark reminder of why delaying dreams is unwise.


Since I won’t change my career to increase the speed of my financial goals, and satisfy instant gratification, instead I will have to increase my financial database by other means.

Mostly, with analogy technology: reading.

I have eased into this financial database download with skills I learned from the dialup internet era.

Employing copious amounts of patience.

My current site of knowledge advancement is the library and LinkedIn training. I typically start with a book or course that is the most appealing.

I download a bit every day, about fifteen minutes worth. This small bit everyday goes much further than trying to byte into an entire book in three hours. It’s hard to retain information in that short-lived burst.


The problem with clickbait is that it tends to incite my extreme emotions and is short-lived. Bait rarely has valuable content that will enhance my goals. This is a bad approach to any endeavor but especially with finances.

As I continue my relationship with my finances, it will be a slower download from a reliable site versus downloading a virus from a suspicious site that crashes my financial dreams.

How do you feel about avoiding clickbait?

Keep exploring!

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