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Saving my sanity can be frightful!

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It had it coming. You would have done the same….Coronavirus with all its unsavory friends like fear, worry, and especially that shifty-eyed anxiety. Saving my sanity was worth it.

I have no regrets for murdering my anxiety. I developed a plot to dismember my anxiety and put it where it belongs – six-feet under!

Anxiety Aka the Bad (Mental) Seed

I am fortunate to no diagnosed anxiety disorder, mostly because I haven’t felt that it has tainted my daily mental meanderings enough to be tested for it. I’m sure there is a psychologist out there, reading this, and shaking their heads…

I do have instances where my heart races, my hands tremble, and a wave of unsavory bodily functions threatens to overcome me. This tends to occur when I invest too much mental time in the future of “the things that could go wrong” or when humans are vomiting verbal awfulness.

Coronavirus has not improved this unsavory feeling. Instead, it has started increasing during moments when I used to be merely uncomfortable, now that has ratcheted up to distinct anxiety-inducing levels.

Like any normal functions human, I developed a plot to murder it.

Killin’ It

As with any good plot, I began with research. The internet is full of information. I tend to stick with legit, non-conspiracy theory stuff because science is way cooler than conspiracies.

After trying various ways to calm anxiety, I established a routine.

I start easy by focusing on my breath. It grounds my racing mind. The mental chaos moves my breaths to quick, hyperventilating sips of oxygen. Because nothing says, you have it all together like passing out.

Next, I work on my far-reaching thoughts. My mental menace likes to go after the worst-case scenario. As I start pulling apart this doom and gloom scene, I remember there has been zero instances where it went that dark. Unpleasant, uncomfortable, and weird, sure, but rarely has it lead to anything more than that.

Then, I try to focus my restless energy. Can I talk to someone about it? Can I look for answers online? Is there a bathroom nearby? If I can remove myself from the unpleasant situation, it is another way to save a bit more sanity.

Mediation is also a great alibi. It’s hard to soothe my anxiety-riddled mind but if I can achieve it, it feels like a warm, heated blanket wrapped around my shivering mind.

Lacking food and water also tends to make unsavory situations….. more unsavory. It is amazing what a treat and water can do for my mental health.

Is this why kindergarten was filled with happiness?

Finally, when all else fails, I run away. I know, great plan. But, running is a big stress reliever. My natural happy drugs (endorphins) are increased and my brain has a chance to focus on problem-solving. Running away is optional, running back is mandatory.

Saving Sanity & Burying Anxiety

My emotions have been influenced by Coronavirus in all the wrong ways. It’s. The. Worst. The best I can do with this seedy villain is to murder it.

Saving my sanity requires an established plot which greatly increases the chances that anxiety will stay where it belongs – six feet under!

Keep exploring!

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