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Wealth and class learned from the soft lesson of a familiar feline.

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I was sitting at the piano, watching a YouTube video about a quirky guy explaining foreign things like chords and scales.

The quirky-piano-guy starts explaining an arpeggio and how to play it. As my fingers play the familiar tune, I realize I am replicating the life lessons of wealth and class I learned from the Aristocats.

Without the kidnapping, musical band of cats, or a drunk goose. Oh, childhood memories, full of oddities that seemed normal like a drunk, talking goose.

Cultivating Class

Three sassy kittens knew more about class well before this 30-year-old. I guess I can’t top the fluffy smarts of a trio of sassy cats!

Each of these tiny balls of fur were actively fostering their class with daily practice. Ironically, I’m currently fostering similar skills with the piano, art, and language but it took me a lot longer to get on this bumpy road of daily practice.

Learning new skills in language, art, music has created new challenges but has resulted in new treasures too. Such as, delighting strangers when I gift a Post It of my animal art. Or being able to speak French and understand it.

I began learning these skills out of curiosity. I have always wanted to achieve this kind of class but for a long time, that is where my desire ended. This year, of all years, I decided to stop desiring and start planning.

Real Wealth

The Aristocrats were indeed wealthy; they had fancy collars, beds, and even a butler to do their bidding. Never mind that this same butler kidnapped them for a ransom. That is why I tell myself; I don’t want a butler.

In the end, their owner didn’t pay a dime for their freedom. It was their motley gang of friends that rescued the captured cats.

A mouse, horse, alley cats (in abundance!), even a couple of sober and one very drunk goose helped them on their road to freedom. Ah, to have such a range of animal friends think what I could accomplish! 😉

This is a lesson in wealth that I continue to get a fuzzy feeling from: No amount of money can save you from suffering but being rich in friendships is a more accurate measurement of resilence. If you’re lucky, your gang of friends will play you a song that rescues you from a pickled-faced butler named Edger.

Soft Lesson

Is this a fanciful tale of wealth and class brought to you by the happy-ending machine that is Disney?


It’s a cartoon movie about cats for kids. However, it is a warm and fuzzy story about what it means to have wealth and class.

It’s a story that I am reminded of decades later. Everything I am striving for now, I learned a long time ago from a few cats who knew how to embrace friendship, foster new skills, and live a life that embraces everything that comes their way.

I could use some more of that.

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