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I am staring in shock. My credit score decreased by thirty four-points. THIRTY-FOUR!

I had a perfectly impressive 816 credit score. Now, I am starting at a 782.

My emotions experienced the full range of grief; starting in denial, quickly progressing into anger, dabbling in bargaining, taking a stroll in fiscal depression, before landing with a splat in acceptance.

I accepted that I had fed the credit card score after midnight and it was far from pretty.

Gremlin like Growth

I had let my credit utilization increase, by a lot. From one percent, and through a series of expensive events, it grew to three percent.

I had a few purchases were bigger than normal and instead of taking care of the problem immediately, I figured my automatic credit card payment would take care of it.


Instead, my credit card kept building until it was this big, green, ugly mark on my credit score.

Blemish Check

From my experience, there are times when things go a little awry and then there are times when a cat farts in your face.

This was one of those times.

Along with my high credit utilization, I had a hard credit check because of a mortgage refinance.

To capture an insanely low rate of 2.25%, the house was refinanced, again. It’s all fine and dandy until someone’s credit score gets a hard check. My credit score was all fluffy and cute before it turned into the ugly, green guy it is now!

Saving Gizmo

My credit score decreased because the gremlins decided to partying with it, luckily I have a gizmo for that.

I started cleaning up the mess by paying off my credit card bills. The depressing part is that I had the money, it was sitting, patiently in my checking account. I just needed to do the thing!

There is little I can do about the gooey mess of a hard credit check but I can call my credit card companies to see if they will increase my credit limits. That will teach the high utilization!

A Gooey Hitch

It feels good to win the battle with the gooey gremlins. But is it the war?

Up from the depths, I remember that I wanted to close one of my credit card accounts.

Now the battle is, do I want to keep this credit card open even though I don’t want four credit cards, or do I want to let it ride for a bit until my credit score recovers?

And, perhaps more importantly, which one will prevent me from feeding the gremlins after midnight, again.

Do you have any gremlins in your life? What kind of gizmo do you use?

Keep exploring!

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4 thoughts on “My Credit Score Decreased: Feeding Gremlins after Midnight

  1. Hmmmm…do you have no other lines of credit? Three percent is still a very low credit card utilization, I personally think the hard credit pull probably had more to do with it than anything else… How old is your credit history?

    If you have very few other lines of credit (no other installment loans) and your credit history isn’t very long, it means that your credit score is going to be more easily impacted by small changes to your profile. I think this is an older post (I don’t see a date) but I hope you kept all four lines open. The average length of credit history is a significant factor in your score and when you close older lines of credit you shorten the length of your credit history.

    1. I bet you are good at solving mysteries, Afro Penny. I am glad your pursuing a medical degree, your ability to find discrepancies is scary good.

      As to the credit score mystery, I looked back at the FICO records and the length stayed the same (13 years) but my total accounts increased from 15 -16. Mystery solved?

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