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Creating goals for 2021 is how I am dumping the disappointments of 2020. Like leave now, 2020, you’re no longer welcome – bye, Felicia.

2020 was a tough, complicated year of unemployment, a furlough, and canceled everything. But, I tried to make the best of it by working on personal growth.

Mostly because everything was canceled.

Instead of participating in Tough Mudder or Space Camp, I worked on writing, drawing, and investing. This turned out to be incredibly rewarding and therapeutic for an overall challenging year.

I am so ready for 2021.


I am anticipating a lot of uncertainty in 2021. Instead of making loftier goals like I did for 2020, I planed easier life list exploits. 2021 will bring enough of its own challenges, I don’t want another Felicia at the party.

By December 31, 2021, I will have spent a day in silence, wrote a manifesto, skinny-dipped, and ran the gauntlet that is Tough Mudder.


I picked these goals because three out of four are easy and something that I can accomplish with little effort. Tough Mudder was the only one I reluctantly added. I signed up for it during the “Year of the Pandemic” but it was canceled. They didn’t refund my money either.

I asked. They said, no.

Instead, they moved it to 2021. I am trying not to feel grumpy about this but I still feel salty. I prefer to choose when I am going to be electrocuted, crawl through mud, and make every muscle sigh in exhaustion. Thank you very much.

Probably not the ideal mindset for a rigorous challenge.

However, all the other selections should be easy to accomplish and only require research, time, and in one instance, less clothes.


As with any new prospect, I am excited to have something to look forward to. Mostly, the part where I will have more nature opportunities. My mind is aglow with the icy solitude of winter as I snowshoe a frosted forest. I am looking forward to being greeted by purple pasques on grassy mountainsides and being warmed by the long summer days of hiking. I don’t need nature goals, I get frequent weekend installments.

But my shinny goals for 2021 will help build momentum towards the rest of my life list since I have made very little progress. Accomplishing these easier goals will, hopefully, build motivation towards bigger and more expensive expeditions.

Cheers to all the possibilities of 2021!

Keep exploring!

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