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Paper towels, napkins, and tissues. They all got pitched for their single-use which is the dark side of the force.

I don’t think Yoda would be happy about my progress, I would have flunked as his student, but I am making progress on the war against single-use.

Reusable Force

There was much gained by switching from single-use to reusable.

Mr. BuLL and I are a small family, party of 2, and we have to put trash to the curb every other week. The nice sanitation crew comes weekly, even when we make the measly effort to wheel our blue bin to the curb. Rarely is it full but after two weeks, we have at least 1 trash bag.

Sometimes we have more because our neighbors take advantage of our empty can.

The reusable force is not strong with them.

Channeling the Savings

The savings is where we cash in on the war against ditching disposables. We haven’t bought zip lock bags, paper towels, or dusters in years. We have a large package of paper towels that we bought years ago in bulk. At this point, we have moved it three times.

It has more miles on it than our library books!

Disposable items are cheap, which is what made them appealing like a cold drink on a hot desert planet.

Since ditching disposables, the small rouge savings are used for a different battle like paying our mortgage off in 15 years or a joint investing account.

Do Good, Go Green

As with any battle, there are costs. Since we use many reusable products like microfiber cloths, reusable napkins, and handkerchiefs, there is an eww cost. Mostly, the part where I have to touch grossness and wash it.

Well, I throw it into the washing machine and it washes the grossness right out of it! Washing machines are definitely on the good side of the force.

We have come a long way from buying single-use items but there is plenty of room for improvement. I use our Yoda-sized paper towel stash for cleaning toilets and toilet paper. There are some things I just haven’t found the nerve to switch.

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