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For one reason or another, I have experienced quitting a job twelve times. Some of this was from moving or going from a temporary to a permanent position or quitting because management was awful like a smelly tar pit of sadness. Either way, I have had to vomit a few resignation letters.

Along the way, I have learned some hacks to make the best of these opportunities and it has became a loose guide for capturing tasty savings. Quitting a job doesn’t mean that I need to give up on savings! If anything, I turn into a ferocious T-Rex on the hunt ready to gobble up more.

Dinomite Benefits Redeemed

I try hard to have a position before quitting a job.

I would love to make this a life rule, but life is a stubborn goat and that doesn’t always play by the rules. More than once, I was forced to quit a job with no job offer. Typically, because Mr. BuLL and I are moving whether I have a job or not. No matter how hard I search job boards or how frantically I send out resumes. Sometimes, I just can’t find the goat!

It has murdered my wage growth, but it has toned new skill sets since I frequently work outside my career field.

It is the main reason why I use up every last ounce of benefits. I can cushion my savings by using any remaining vision, dental, and medical benefits, by gobbling up any remaining appointments. I also slurp up any remaining contact or glasses allowance. I will stack rewards by using discount sites, which is how I collected free contacts for the past couple years. I do pay for an insurance premium, but I don’t pay out-of-pocket costs.

Most medical insurance policies have incentivized health rewards program. It includes watching videos or goal setting or sending a doctor’s note during my annual exam or some other tedious paperwork shuffling. Either way, I devour these programs. I have been rewarded with everything from gift cards to gear. One year, I got $300 just for participating!

If my company is willing to give me money for being healthy, I am run after those savings like a tasty, yet meaty, treat.

Capturing a Bonus

At the end of my allotted two weeks, I get a bonus for quitting. Or I think of it as a bonus because my paycheck is so much bigger. Of course, that is my leave, sick, or any other days that I accumulated while employed.

It feels like a bonus for quitting!

It’s a great way to fatten up my savings and investment contributions, if I have a job lined up. If I don’t have a job lined up, it goes straight to savings to guard against lean times.

Savoring a Holiday

I take full advantage of quitting by squeezing in an unpaid holiday. Usually, the last two weeks of a job are a whirlwind of training and wrapping up projects. By the end, I am ready for a break. When I have a long weekend, I can change my pace from teaching to learning.

The first day, heck the first week, of any new job is hectic and overwhelming. I ease myself into the chaos by getting extra sleep, relaxing, and relishing this opportunity.

This small window before the position starts is a way to enjoy everything the job could be. I could meet my future best friend or work for my perfect boss or find a forever job. All of that is a sharp possibility.

No matter how the future job shakes out, I ensure that I squeeze all the financial goodness out of my job because it’s not every day that I quit.

It’s just likely that it will be happening again, soon!

What is your experience of quitting? Do you have any tasty advice or just some bare bones?

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