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I love flying. The cryptic alphanumeric gates with their far-flung destinations, the pull of gravity as it kisses the ground goodbye, the dizzying smell of jet fuel is a celebration of change.

The joys of anticipation are better than the destination.

Too bad the cost of flying puts a damper on joyful delights.

I could rage against what I can’t control like having to change my flight because Color Run decided to push the date back by a month. Good thing I bought a refundable flight, Color Run!

Instead, I focus on helpful hacks when flying light, bright, and tight, especially when a flight change ends up doubling the ticket price.

Landing Light

Flying light is about less.

It’s not about deprivation. It’s about abundance! Sometimes we subtract from our lives to add to them.

One Frugal Girl

Less stuff before, during, and after, which is why my luggage is two carry-ons.

It doesn’t matter the trip length from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Two carry-ons are my max flying capacity.

When Mr. BuLL and I took our honeymoon in Europe, we spent 14 magical days in the land of historic beauty, delicious cuisine, and teeny bathrooms.

We went over the big blue during winter which is ideal for metropolitans like Paris, Nice, and Venice. Their winters are mild and don’t require the same gear as the standard subzero Montana wear.

To extend space in my carry-on, I used travel bags. When rolled, the bag would release air making use of tiny space. I wore a jacket, boots, and heaviest layers on the plane, so I didn’t have to cram it into limited luggage.

Our ventures were light and included walking, watching, and eating. Since the season was cool, and our effort was light, we could wear our clothes multiple times. No standing line sweats for us!

Less time in line is another win for carry-ons.

I don’t have to wait for luggage after landing or worry about it getting lost or stolen. Years ago, my dirty laundry was stolen from a checked bag when I left the military.

I prefer to keep my laundry, even if it’s dirty.

Flying Food

A helpful hack when flying tight is bringing your food (BYF!).

Similar to Disney World, baseball games, and the mobile frozen treats on an ice cream truck, food at an event is expensive.

Businesses leverage the human preference for convenience which is priced higher. Convenience costs.

Instead, I bring my own. The day before I go on a flight, I visit the local grocery store.

I buy salty (chips, pirate booty, etc.) and sweet (cookies, breakfast bars, etc.) snacks. I bring the full spectrum on the chance I get stuck in an airport. Plus, I can graze after the flight and turn them into land-based snacks. 

I buy a salad for lunch. Albertson’s has a Fuji, nut salad that is my constant companion. The dressing packet goes into the liquid bag with the other quarantined containers.

Since flying is rare, I let whims into my cart. Sometimes flying is stressful and with the upgraded issues of Covid, weather delays, and staff shortages, it’s nice to have comfort food when those stressful moments arrive.

H2O is Good to Go

Helpful hacks when flying is bringing a water bottle.

I always bring a water bottle, especially when flying. I fill up when the TSA lines are a distant 6-foot memory. I bring my bottle, so I don’t have to buy water when I’m waiting. Plus, when the beverage cart rumbles by, I can splurge and go big with ginger ale!

The best defense for staying healthy when traveling is being hydrated. The higher altitudes, the mass of human confinement, and stress make hydration a simple but powerful habit to stay healthy when all is said and departed.

Another helpful hack when flying is using apps.  

I love the Delta app. I can check into my flight, show my boarding pass, or fret about the short layover, all with the convenience of my phone.

Before I leave the comforts of WIFI, I take a screenshot of my boarding pass, just encase it’s slow to download at the airport. 

I prefer to zip through a line then be a barrier for entry.

Helpful Hacks When Flying

I still look forward to flying though I remember it being easier.

I capture a celestial view while sitting in a metal tube that goes five hundred mph and manages to bend time with its gravity-defying stunt.

The prices are fixed, but my ability to hack ways to save is not! Instead, I’ll recline 2”, eat my store-bought salad, look out the window, and wonder if I should go to the bathroom now or when I land.

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