Fifteen. That is how often I have moved. That consistent inconsistency is probably where my passion for exploration began. Most of my early memories are of moving to pretty tame to places like California and Wisconsin but we did live in Jamaica for a couple years. Yes, Jamaica. I was very young, it was gorgeous, and I got ringworm one too many times.

A cheeky woman standing on the edge of a crater in Death Valley National Park.
National Parks are one of my favorite places for exploring. This a textbook example, hiking on the edge of a crater at Death Valley National Park.

Once I turned 18, I decided to join an organization that is basically a four-year cruise with expeditions on demand, the United States Navy. Just kidding, the Navy is nothing like a vacation no matter what the recruiters tell you!

I did travel and have many adventures.

Miles of sand dunes with US Navy sailors sand boarding.
Sailor adventures! Sandboarding in Dubai.

The Navy turned out to be very different from what I expected, even after the yelling and endless eight-counts at boot camp. When my four-year contract came to a close, I itched for a new adventure and drastically different lifestyle. I wanted more land-based expeditions and having a choice in the destination sound like fun.

I decided that college would fix all of that. Ah, the follies of youth!

Fortunately, I picked a great university and relished new opportunities like tree climbing, dog sledding, and scuba diving. It was right around then that my bank account painfully reported that exploring is expensive to maintain! As a typical person, with less than average pay, I had to learn how to squeeze every dollar.

Hold onto your pants! This is skijoring or as I think of it – dogs who grew increasingly excited by sensing my fear of death by skijoring.

After a while, I began to enjoy searching for ways to save money. It doesn’t compare to how much I love to explore but it makes the whole process a lot more fun.

Work. Save. Travel. Repeat!

Whoever wrote this, we need to be friends!

How did I find myself on this less-than-adrenaline-inducing platform of the interweb? Fun story: It took me a long time to find financial security and I didn’t find it by myself. A lot of patient people showed me the way through pins, blogs, and books.

I began Budget Life List with the intent of helping others on their financial journey particularly my friends. Welcome friends, or as I nerdily call you, BuLL Crew! You are the reason I stay committed to learning, researching, and sharing because when the BuLL Crew wins, so do I, and we all deserve cake.

If you keep reading, exploring, and sharing, I’ll keep providing more posts to move our best life list forward. Are you ready to live with more intention, save frequently, and explore abundantly?

Welcome to Budget Life List!

You got this, BuLL Crew!