The author of Budget Life List was standing atop Mt. Wright thinking about all the ways that exploring, hiking, and living intentionally feel oh, so...right.

Welcome to the Budget Life List!

“I can’t die now, there are so many places I haven’t explored yet!” is my one thought when I have a brush of panic and foreboding, like when experiencing turbulence on a plane or when I am getting chased by a dog while jogging. That may or may not have to do with why I have a deep underlying obsession for exploration. Fun Fact: Coronavirus did not improve that.

A caveat: I am a Park Ranger, not a psychologist. A psychologist may say that my extreme passion for exploration is normal. Or they may prescribe Vallum and say to follow up in a week. I guess well never know….

My goal for you and this site is to help you build your finances while maximizing what’s important and minimizing the “penny pinching”. What a weird saying? Why would anyone pinch a penny?

If you are wondering, “What the heck is a life list?” I got you! A life list is similar to a bucket list but without the death part. I may have ranted a bit about it but for good reason! My life list is where most of my Park Ranger income is funneled.

A Splash About Me

Personality tests frequently classify me as an extrovert but they are all lying because my default mode is introvert.

I can “switch” to an extrovert but if I have to interact with grumpy humans, I get drained.

Exploring and accomplish expeditions on my life list, which apart from saving money for expeditions, is what I am typically working on.

Outside of that, I am usually eating way too much Coldstone ice cream but it’s cool because I get it for free. If you like how “free” and “ice cream” sounds, I have a post for that!

Financing Expeditions

Personal finance and how it relates to exploring profusely on a budget is the topic that is frequently, boarding on constantly, posted.

Here are the categories that I write about:

About Budget Life List

The BuLL, an abbreviation for Budget Life List (can you tell I work for the government 😬), is all about capturing the best financial resources to save frequently and explore profusely.

This journey will include personal finance topics like budgeting, passive income, and recommendations on ways to save. Then there are posts about how to pursue life list expeditions on a budget.

In the end, this site is all about the financial tools for living our best expedition-laden life. That is my overarching, sprinkle-filled goal. Thank you for joining me on this journey and I look forward to our expedition together!

Welcome to Budget Life List!

Keep exploring!