FIRE Aspirer. World Wander. Rouge Rambler.

At the age of 22, I cashed out my retirement.

It was a short-sighted move. But, it is a humble reminder of where I started – bankrupting my future.

It was dark times.

Good thing there was ice cream, lots of ice cream.

Thirteen years later, I used books and blogs to figure out my finances.

Like a frustrated kitten learning how to play nice, I managed to untangle the wild world of investing, budgeting, and living well below my means.

Now, I am setting my sites on retiring at 51 and accomplishing my Life List along the way.

The challenge? To achieve this goal as a Park Ranger who has yet to make over $30,000 a year.

Against the odds, I’m on track for a lean early retirement, let’s see if I can fuel add to the FIRE!

Welcome to BuLL