I had collected tax-free, hazard pay. My food and housing were paid for. I didn’t have kids or a car. I barely had a credit card.

How could I save nothing in 4 years?

I was a sailor with the United States Navy and my contract was ending. I didn’t want to stay in the Navy and get pummeled by politics anymore. Instead, I wanted to use my almost-free ticket to college compliments of the GI Bill.

But outside of college being paid for, I had no money.


Except my retirement account…..

In a very shortsighted move, I cashed out my retirement. At 22, I gave up on retirement.

This poor financial decision collided with another equally poor personal decision – not traveling to Europe with a friend.

Those abysmal moments were over a decade ago. Those failures are sharp reminders of what happens when I put my life on autopilot.

Now, I am a Park Ranger with a passion border on obsession with saving money. I deploy those funds to Life List exploits.

My Life List is how I am going to achieve my dreams and not let them slip by.


Welcome to Budget Life List