It felt like I had just swallowed a gallon of seawater.

I was about to be released from my four-year contract with the Navy. Instead of feeling excited for my next chapter, I felt dread.

I put myself in a bad spot.

I had collected tax-free, hazard pay. My food and housing were paid for. I wore a government issued uniform most of my waking hours. I didn’t have kids or a car. I barely had a credit card.

How could I save nothing in 4 years?

Even worse, I cashed out my retirement account. I gave up on a future I couldn’t prepare for.

My number one regret is being so financially foolish, right alongside of choosing not to travel to Europe. Sadly, both events occurred around the same time.

That moment was over a decade ago and a lot has changed since then.

Now, I am a Park Ranger with a passion border on obsession with saving money. I deploy those funds to expeditions on my Life List.

My Life List is how I am ensuring that I achieve my dreams and don’t let them slip by.


Welcome to Budget Life List