If you are looking for insight into how I save like a madwoman, you are in the right place! These are the services I use, love, and give my 5-star BuLL approval. I hope these recommendations bring value to your life and help you to build toward that epic expedition.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliated links (where I make a small commission at no cost to you) BUT rest assured BuLL Crew, I only put services on here that I use. Even if I didn’t receive a small commission, I would still provide these recommendations because they are tried, tested, and very much approved by this party of one.

Thank you for your support because if you weren’t supporting me I couldn’t do this blog thing. It’s because of your support, I am able to provide this helpful information for free. There would be no BuLL without the Crew. Thank you!!!

Discover: I use this card a lot with their fancy revolving 5% cash back rewards. It. Is. Amazing. I cash out my rewards monthly and roll it into my savings account. At the end of the year, I have this money saved in a high interest savings account so it can proliferate with the help of interest. It is a credit card, so use caution and your adulting “skills” as needed. Bonus Round: This card is annual fee free! Because annual charges are lame!

I have been in a relationship with my Discover card for 13 magical cash back years. It has helped me to crush my Fico credit score and achieve level: Exceptional! Aww, your too kind, Fico.

I recommend Discover not only for the cashback rewards but it has helped me to achieve an 800 Fico score too!

Want to Discover more rewards? Sign up here and increase your cash back and Fico score!

Ratuken: I love this site even if I don’t know how to say it. It pays you for shopping online. I know it’s bananas! This site has a variety of cash back percentages they dole out. 40% cash back is an option for a few retailers! They have thousands of online stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. At this point, I think deserve to be rewarded for shopping online. Don’t you, BuLL Crew?

It’s free to sign up and you earn an easy $10 when you spend $25. Crazy name aside, Rauken is at the top of my money saving bookmarks because they make it so easy to earn money.

CardCash: Gift cards? More like great cards! This site is devoted to DISCOUNTED gift cards. Way better than paying full price for a gift card! Full price is so 1990!

This site has gift cards for every store you can imagine from Starbucks to Target and everything in-between. It’s like having a credit card but better!

What can be better than discounted gift cards? Getting an extra $5 as a thank you gift for signing up. I appreciate those kind of thank yous….

Checkout51: A picture of your grocery receipt in exchange for cash. That is the basic concept of this app. When you purchase items from the list, you select them, and then upload your picture. It’s an easy to make money on groceries!

As a bonus, they accept gas station receipts too! Be sure to select your station of choice before you try to upload it. I may (or maynot….) have learned that trick the hard way!

Ready to cash to sign up for free with Checkout51 and start making money on groceries? The saving starts here.

Sweatcoin: This app rewards you for walking. I. Am. Serious. Its handy motivational tool if you need to level up on your fitness or if your fitness is already at level: Marathon. The more outside step you get the faster the rewards accumulate. Are you ready to get your sweat on?

Ready to be rewarded for walking? I got you, BuLL Crew! Ready, set, download!

Book Recommendations: These are my fav books. I read a lot. Did I mention I used to work in a library? It’s a fabulous place to work if you’re a book nerd. Though it does encourage book hoarding tendencies, not that I would know from experience. 😬

Lifestyle Enhancement

These books have provided inspiration and advice on how to improve my life. Kind of like a therapist but cheaper and with less awkward silences.

Personal Finance

These gems are the knowledge behind the personal finance drive. These books have helped to enhance my personal finances in a way that will allow me to save for the many items on my list list. I would hug these authors if I could and if they weren’t weirded out by it!

Worthwhile Expeditions

It just isn’t practical to travel 24/7, right? At least, that is what I am trying to convince myself of. We have to do adulting things at some point. Luckily, these books are here to regale us with their worthwhile expeditions. While we are doing boring things like standing in line at the post office or at a not-so-posh dinner party.