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I prefer savings over stuff like how I prefer coffee over tea, ice cream over cake, and a hearty laugh to a meek smile. As a human with human preferences, I’m capable and able of having biases and I do. 

Very biased preferences.

Having savings over stuff has been a conscious choice. I work for the federal government, which means I have great benefits, but pay isn’t competitive compared to other industries. 

So, that means I have to be intentional with my monies. I could spend most of my money on stuff or dump it in savings. 

Stuff demands maintenance. A savings account is maintenance-free. 

Stuff has a hard and soft cost. 

When I go to the store and purchase an item, I pay for most of the cost upfront. But when I bring that item home, the other costs start to add up. 

Cleaning, storing, and maintaining are all costs that come with owning an item. I call it the soft cost. It’s not found on a price tag, but it’s there.  

Whereas with a savings account, the account is free along with the maintenance and storage.

Life happens and a savings account can help with surprise expenses more than stuff can. 

I recently was the recipient of an old medal bill. 

It was $440 from last year’s medical copays. Though unexpected, I have a savings account devoted to the unexpected. I was able to use those funds to pay for a year-old bill.

The stuff I have had no role in helping me pay for that bill. I could have sold some items to pay for that bill, but as bills go, it was due in a couple of weeks upon receiving it. Finding an item that’s worth over $400 and I’d be willing to sell along with actually selling in a couple of weeks would have been questionable, challenging, and stressful. 

More savings and less stuff are greener for the planet and my wallet.

The days of everything manufactured in America are gone. Though some things can still be purchased from local businesses and retailers, many times, the raw materials are harvested and manufactured somewhere else.

A way to be greener is to have more savings and less stuff. Savings don’t have to be shipped; no packing peanuts are injured or wrapping paper to detangle. 

The average lifespan of an item is short, but I can guarantee my savings will last longer.

Savings are simpler than stuff.

Work has been exceptional as of late. Along with normal busyness, there has been unexpected busyness too. 

I was pinched with personal and professional priorities. 

Having fewer concerns helped when all the other concerns were being mucked up with late-night work events. 

Simplifying stuff is helpful when stuff goes awry. 

I prefer savings over stuff because I value financial security.

No amount of shoes, clothes, or coffee can help me feel financially secure like a savings account can.

If I need to pay a medical bill, fly to family for bereavement leave, or go to Iceland, then a savings account can support these situations. My stuff does nothing but sit there and judge.  

Few things in this world can give the solid sleep of financial security and those few things aren’t bought in Walmart, Amazon, or the Dollar Store. 

They are bought in time and with time which is why I prefer savings over stuff.

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